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Sep 14

HateLate – La Touche [ONDLP03]

Category: Deep House, House

HateLate – La Touche [ONDLP03]

Artist: HateLate
Title: La Touche
Genre: House, Deep House
Label: Ondule Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

HateLate – Back 2 Black (Jami’ Here Mix) 06:46 124bpm Amin
HateLate – Be a Bird (Trust Me We Can Fly Edit) 02:23 105bpm Fmaj
HateLate – Chicago (Extended Mix) 09:22 120bpm Cmin
HateLate – Chill Time in Detroit (Original Mix) 05:07 115bpm Cmaj
HateLate – Feelin’ Groove (Original Mix) 06:18 124bpm Amin
HateLate – Introduction D’Acid Jazz (Original Mix) 02:44 100bpm D♯min
HateLate – Jazz Klub (Raw Mix) 05:48 124bpm C♯maj
HateLate – Paris Is Underground (Come with Me Edit) 06:27 120bpm Bmin
HateLate – Under Da Soul (Sunset Mix) 04:41 110bpm Dmin
HateLate – Wanna Dance All Nite Long (Original Mix) 08:41 126bpm Amaj

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