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Jan 18

Girls Night – Delicious House Clubbing, Vol. 2

Category: Deep, House

Girls Night – Delicious House Clubbing, Vol. 2

Artist: VA
Title: Girls Night – Delicious House Clubbing, Vol. 2
Genre: Deep House
Label: White Isle Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Plastic Soul – Fiesta Del Sol (Nu Scool’s Deep Mix)
Wong Setong – Won High in the Sky (Hong Kong’s at Night Mix)
Don Major – At Sunset (Original Mix)
Solitaire – On the Beach (Sundowner Edit)
Black Cat, Patricia Santander – I Feel Your Love (Vocal Club Mix)
Jean Claude Chagall – Surprise Party (Andrey Costantinidis Mix)
Andrey Costantinidis – Endless Horizon (Deep Freedom Mix)
Blackman – Everybody (Nu York Lights Mix)
Piano Lovers – A Night at the Copacabana (Original Mix)
Paul Rander – Pacific Winter (Original Mix)
Frank McLaughlin – Ibiiiiza (Original Mix)
Lil French – Pleasures of Touch (Fashion Things Mix)
Magic City – Only You Only You (Happy Flute Mix)
Alessandro Santapopulos – Bond Between Two Friends (Santorini’s Beach Deep Mix)
Iroshi Toyo – Happy Racing in the Sky (Original Mix)
Suburban Soul System – No Drop It (Original Mix)
Zheng Lin – Whisper and Whisper (Asiatic Soul Mix)
Robert Gordon – Attack from Behind (Stars in Action Mix)
Limmatt Quai – Ride Around for Too Long (Original Mix)
Grey Club – Sweet Melody (Original Mix)


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