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This is the most fashionable direction in electronic music that keeps abreast of the times. Open air, maximum bass depth, minimum sounds, wonderful feeling, anthropogenic samples, realization of inevitable Apocalypse – these are sounds of techno style.

Juan Atkins has stated that Techno is “music that sounds like technology”. He and his two friends β€” Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson β€” in the late 1980th in Detroit developed new music style. Commonly known as the Belleville Three, they tried to make German electronic music a la Kraftwerk more dancing. You might as well say that techno emerged as a result of melding of synthpop, house and electronic music. For a long time this genre of music had no name. The first track is No UFO’s by Model 500, one of many stage names of Juan Atkins. The name β€œtechno” appeared in 1988 after release of dance compilation album. In the USA this music was the underground phenomenon. In the Great Britain it burst into music scene at the end of the 1980th. The mere name of this music style implies some mechanization, monotony and polished process. A great number of percussive and synthetic sounds, tempo, timing and sound effects are typical for techno style.

This genre of music gravitates towards exploration of new acoustic spaces, intellectuality, austerity and architectural structure. Modern techno-producer in his or her studio can make it with the help of only one computer. It allows you to work with effect-processors and sound banks. Arrangers are working on creation of new sounds and rhythms staying within the style limits, established by their contemporaries. There are many types of techno music: Minimal Techno, Intelligent Techno, Hardcore Techno, Technoromantic, Experimental Techno, Detroit Techno, Progressive Techno. All of them are different, but any music lover can find something for him or her.
The best performers in this genre are Scooter, The Prodigy, Underworld, The Chemical Brother, Paul Kalkbrenner, Daft Punk, Phunk Investigation, Umek.

Marc Faenger – Signal 01 EP [SHD001]

Marc Faenger - Signal 01 EP Artist: Marc Faenger Title: Signal 01 EP Genre: Techno Label: Shed Skin Quality: 320 kbps Marc Faenger - Karpal Tunnel (Original Mix) Marc Faenger - Signal 01 (Original Mix) Marc Faenger - Sore Spot…

Boston 168 – 909 Therapy [BPC336FF]

Boston 168 – 909 Therapy Artist: Boston 168 TitleΒ  909 Therapy Label: BPitch Control Genre: Techno Quality: 320 kbps Boston 168 – 909 Therapy (06:55) Boston 168 – Hypnotic States (05:43) Boston 168 – Daydreams (06:12)

VA – NastyFifty [NFX1]

VA – NastyFifty Artist: VA Title: NastyFifty Genre: Tech House, Deep House, Techno, Indie Dance / Nu Disco Label: NastyFunk Records Quality: 320 kbps 1. Understate – Like A Drum (Original Mix) (5:10) 2. Waitz, Truth Be Told –…

Ariel Medina – Intenso [DPN048]

Ariel Medina - Intenso Artist: Ariel Medina Title: Intenso Genre: Techno Label: Deepna Records Quality: 320 kbps Ariel Medina - Energico (Original Mix) Ariel Medina - Intenso (Original Mix)

Valya Kan – Dust and Haze [WORKTHEM040]

Valya Kan – Dust and Haze Artist: Valya Kan Title: Dust and Haze Label: Work Them Genre: Techno Quality: 320 kbps Valya Kan – Leave (Original Mix)6:41 Valya Kan – Time Capsule (Original Mix)9:58 Valya Kan – Acid Hotel (Original…

Allen – Signal Mechanism [IAR232]

Allen - Signal Mechanism Artist: Allen Title: Signal Mechanism Genre: Techno Label: Illegal Alien Records Quality: 320 kbps Allen - Blast Wave Artifact (Original Mix) Allen - Ganymede (Original Mix) Allen - Retrograde Motion…

Natalino Nunes – Drone [DSRD422]

Natalino Nunes - Drone Artist: Natalino Nunes Title: Drone Genre: Techno Label: DSR Digital Quality: 320 kbps Natalino Nunes - Drone (Original Mix) Natalino Nunes - Mirroir (Original Mix)