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This is the most fashionable direction in electronic music that keeps abreast of the times. Open air, maximum bass depth, minimum sounds, wonderful feeling, anthropogenic samples, realization of inevitable Apocalypse – these are sounds of techno style.

Juan Atkins has stated that Techno is “music that sounds like technology”. He and his two friends — Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson — in the late 1980th in Detroit developed new music style. Commonly known as the Belleville Three, they tried to make German electronic music a la Kraftwerk more dancing. You might as well say that techno emerged as a result of melding of synthpop, house and electronic music. For a long time this genre of music had no name. The first track is No UFO’s by Model 500, one of many stage names of Juan Atkins. The name “techno” appeared in 1988 after release of dance compilation album. In the USA this music was the underground phenomenon. In the Great Britain it burst into music scene at the end of the 1980th. The mere name of this music style implies some mechanization, monotony and polished process. A great number of percussive and synthetic sounds, tempo, timing and sound effects are typical for techno style.

This genre of music gravitates towards exploration of new acoustic spaces, intellectuality, austerity and architectural structure. Modern techno-producer in his or her studio can make it with the help of only one computer. It allows you to work with effect-processors and sound banks. Arrangers are working on creation of new sounds and rhythms staying within the style limits, established by their contemporaries. There are many types of techno music: Minimal Techno, Intelligent Techno, Hardcore Techno, Technoromantic, Experimental Techno, Detroit Techno, Progressive Techno. All of them are different, but any music lover can find something for him or her.
The best performers in this genre are Scooter, The Prodigy, Underworld, The Chemical Brother, Paul Kalkbrenner, Daft Punk, Phunk Investigation, Umek.

Dec 15

DJ Pierre Wildpitch The Story Chart

Artist: VA
Title: DJ Pierre Wildpitch The Story Chart
Genre: Techno, Deep House, House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Tech House, DJ Tools
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Dj Pierre – Strobe Light Laser Acid (Original Mix) (10:51)
2. Dj Pierre – Strobe Light Laser Acid (Zombie Nation Remix) (5:40)
3. DJ Pierre feat. Chic Loren – I Feel Love (1979 Disco Club Mix) (9:06)
4. DJ Pierre feat. Chic Loren – I Feel Love (Acapella) (4:11)
5. Roland Leesker – Thunderstorm (Original Mix) (7:22)
6. DJ Pierre – People Time TO JACK feat. Vonny & Clyde (Tuff City Kids Mini Pitch Remix) (6:49)
7. Phuture – We Are Phuture (Spanky’s Spirit Survives Mix) (9:42)
8. DJ Pierre feat. Ann Nesby – Meet Hate with Love (7:26)
9. DJ Pierre – Love and Happiness 2017 (Kate Simko Remix) (7:10)
10. DJ Pierre – Generate Power 2017 (Blondish Less Diva Rework) (6:46)

Dec 15


Artist: VA
Title: John Monkman TNEWTY SVTEEVEEN Chart
Genre: Techno, Tech House, Deep House
Quality: 320 Kbps

John Monkman – HARMONIX2 (Original Mix)
John Monkman – Mad Hatter (Original Mix)
Anaphase – Disconnect (John Monkman Remix)
John Monkman – Trusting Source (Original Mix)
John Monkman – HARMONIX1 (Original Mix)
John Monkman – EPOCH (Original Mix)
John Monkman – Lacquer (Original Mix)
John Monkman – INAWIO (Original Mix)
John Monkman – XAILO (Original Mix)
John Monkman – Make Noize (Original Mix)
Amentia – Prince Des Marais (John Monkman Edition)
Lorenzo Calvio – Brunando (John Monkman Remix)

Dec 15

Rodriguez Jr. Baobab Remixes Chart 2017

Artist: VA
Title: Rodriguez Jr. Baobab Remixes Chart 2017
Genre: Leftfield House & Techno, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Electronica / Downtempo, Tech House
Quality: 320 Kbps

Agoria – Boomerang (Original Mix) 08:14 120bpm Amin
Burial – Rodent (Original Mix) 04:25 120bpm Bmin
Kevin Yost – Chant The Night (Original Mix) 08:50 123bpm D#min
Raxon – Flight Call (Original Mix) 03:21 123bpm D#maj
Rodriguez Jr. – 1PM Sunrise (Original Mix) 07:24 124bpm Dmin
Rodriguez Jr. – Evidence Of Time (Claude VonStroke Remix) 06:34 124bpm Dmin
Rodriguez Jr. – Radian (Audiofly Remix) 08:15 122bpm Dmin
Smash TV – Little Helper 305-1 (Original Mix) 06:46 125bpm Fmaj
Steve Bug, Langenberg – Chord Cluster (Original Mix) 08:18 122bpm A#min
Tim Engelhardt – Kissing Your Eyes (Andre Hommen Remix) 06:54 125bpm Fmaj

Dec 15

Pan-Pot 9 Essentials December Chart 2017

Artist: VA
Title: Pan-Pot 9 Essentials December Chart 2017
Genre: Techno
Quality: 320 Kbps

543FF – Balans (Original Mix) 06:21 132bpm Bmin
Alexi Delano – Water Colors (Persuader Remix) 07:11 125bpm Dmin
Amelie Lens – Stay With Me (Original Mix) 06:15 128bpm Cmaj
Ben Buitendijk – Transcended Being (Original Mix) 10:46 125bpm Bmin
Billy Turner – Dream Come Trouw (Original Mix) 05:49 132bpm Bmin
Folker Zwart – Shade 7 (Jeff Rushin Repaint) 06:14 126bpm C#maj
Juju & Jordash – Neon Swing (Original Mix) 07:40 140bpm Dmin
Kike Pravda – Orbital Motion (Original Mix) 05:15 128bpm G#min
Oliver Deutschmann – Fokus (Original Mix) 05:30 130bpm Amaj
Perm – 03-IV (Original Mix) 06:27 129bpm F♯min

Dec 15

Karotte Namaka Charts 2017

Artist: VA
Title: Karotte Namaka Charts 2017
Genre: Techno
Quality: 320 Kbps

Alex Stein – Zeit (Original Mix) 08:56 127bpm Gmaj
Avision – Mind Of The Man (Outro) 10:43 127bpm Amaj
DJ Hell – Guede (Paul Nazca Remix) 07:52 124bpm Gmin
Fabio Florido – Pulsar (Original) 06:25 128bpm A#maj
Kaiserdisco – Hydra (Original Mix) 07:39 126bpm Amin
Kaiserdisco – Styx (Original Mix) 08:24 126bpm Amin
Kaiserdisco, Karotte – Namaka (Original Mix) 06:50 127bpm Dmin
Petar Dundov, Gregor Tresher – Stellarius (Original Mix) 06:44 127bpm A#min
Rob Hes – Dockyard Vibes (Original Mix) 06:28 0bpm A#min
Victor Ruiz – Vertigo (Original Mix) 07:47 128bpm Amin

Dec 15

Harry Romero Mother Earth Top 10 Chart 2017

Artist: VA
Title: Harry Romero Mother Earth Top 10 Chart 2017
Genre: Tech House, House
Quality: 320 Kbps

Harry Romero – Blazing (Extended Mix) 06:21 126bpm A#maj
Harry Romero – Brusko (Extended Mix) 06:42 124bpm A♯min
Harry Romero – Lesson In Swing (Original Mix) 06:56 125bpm Amaj
Harry Romero – Mother Earth (Original Mix) 06:59 124bpm G#min
Harry Romero – Scatter (Original Mix) 06:40 125bpm Amin
Harry Romero, Jessica Eve – Feel Good feat. Jessica Eve (Extended Mix) 05:41 125bpm Bmin
Joeski – Acid Disco (Original Mix) 06:29 125bpm Amaj
Pons – Alright feat. Ron Carroll (Harry Romero Extended Remix) 06:24 125bpm Amin
Steve Lawler, Darius Syrossian – We Like To Jam (Original Mix) 06:11 124bpm Dmin
Sylvester – Dance (Disco Heat) (Louie Vega Re-Touch Main Mix) 12:06 127bpm A#min

Dec 15

Ambivalent December Rain Chart 2017

Artist: VA
Title: Ambivalent December Rain Chart 2017
Genre: Techno, Leftfield House & Techno, House
Quality: 320 Kbps

Ambivalent – Idola (Original Mix) 06:09 130bpm Dmaj
Dario Zenker – Koraimer Bro (Original Mix) 05:14 132bpm Cmin
Harvey McKay – Black Dolphin (Original Mix) 05:35 126bpm Dmin
Mor Elian – Miracle Mind Program (Original Mix) 05:47 130bpm Bmaj
Nicolas Bougaïeff – Cognitive Resonance (Original Mix) 05:33 76bpm A#maj
Rhyw – MKFBTB (Original Mix) 06:31 130bpm Dmin
Tenebre – Jungle Frontier (Original Mix) 04:52 132bpm D#maj
Tessela – With Patsy (Original Mix) 07:36 131bpm Amin
Toms Due – Magma (Original Mix) 06:02 128bpm Amin
WK7 – Rhythm 2 (Power Snap Mix) 06:19 127bpm Bmin

Dec 15

Huxley XMAS BOMBS Chart 2017

Artist: VA
Title: Huxley XMAS BOMBS Chart 2017
Genre: Tech House, Techno
Quality: 320 Kbps

[a]pendics.shuffle – Perky Slip (Do You See) (Original Mix) 07:27 125bpm Amin
Eli Brown – Make Me Feel (Original Mix) 06:47 126bpm Amin
Emanuel Satie – One Love (Original Mix) 09:12 125bpm Dmin
DJ Deeon, Gettoblaster – Droppin Panties (Original Mix) 05:45 124bpm Amin
Harry Romero – Mother Earth (Original Mix) 06:59 124bpm G#min
Huxley, Hauswerks – Make It Right (Original Mix) 06:40 125bpm Cmin
Huxley, Skapes – Don’t Call (Original Mix) 05:57 125bpm D#min
The Deepshakerz – Raw Way (Original Mix) 05:29 123bpm Amin
Vibe Killers – Violator (Original Mix) 06:39 125bpm A#maj

Dec 15

10 Years of VIVa MUSiC: Decadedance Remixes Part Two [VIVAX2RMXS]

Artist: VA
Title: Decadedance Remixes Part Two
Genre: Tech House
Label: VIVa MUSiC
Quality: 320 kbps

Andrea Oliva – Rider (Matt Tolfrey Ghetto Dub)
Harvard Bass – Peep Game (Moises & Juliche Hernandez Remix)
Junior Sanchez – Which Way To Go feat. SoShy (DJ T. Remix)
Phil Weeks – Come On Baby (Gorge Remix)


Dec 15

Mushroom Cake, Mr. Volta-G – You Can Do [RBL104]

Artist: Mushroom Cake, Mr. Volta-G
Title: You Can Do
Genre: Techno
Label: Reload Black Label
Quality: 320 kbps

Mushroom Cake – Strange Carnival (Original Mix)
Mushroom Cake – You Can Do (Original Mix)
Mushroom Cake, Mr. Volta-G – Apollo (Original Mix)
Mushroom Cake, Mr. Volta-G – Zeus (Original Mix)


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