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Let’s start from the foundation of electronic music genre House, which was a reincarnation of disco. It happened in the 80th in the most sophisticated clubs of Chicago. The rhythm became more mechanical and the synthesizers were replacing live music more often. The term “House” was used for music that didn’t meet the standards of common understanding, music that wasn’t played on typical broadcasting stations.

Nearer to the end of the 80th 7 main subgenres were created:

Deep-house, Acid house, Progressive house, Soulful house, Disco house, Electro house, and Tech-house, which we’ll disclose in more details. Since the time when such music genre as Tech House appeared, more and more people took an interest in it. This interesting and unusual style of music won many lovers, while it emerged not that long time ago.

Tech House is a genre of electronic music, something between house and techno. It originated in the early 90th. That was the time when DJs became very popular and when Eddie Richards and Terry Francis combined dub-versions of garage tracks and already known structure of house with some variants of detroit-techno.
Rare percussive grooves, bass line, which became deeper, and surround sound are typical for this genre. Such music was played on the popular parties in London. This is where they started to make music that was played in the sets of the popular DJs.

Thanks to Jean F. Cochois and Terry Lee Brown Jr. the Tech House direction became more popular and got better sounding. Since 2010 the DJs combined their music with “synthetics” — Electro, Minimal, Glitch, and that is why it is not the best times for Tech House now.

It is interesting to note that Tech house is quite unusual and original, but undoubtedly it has its own listeners and thanks to them this style won’t become just a history, but will keep living.

Incuebation – Projection

Incuebation - Projection Artist: Incuebation Title: Projection Genre: Techno Label: Bergmann Recordings Quality: 320 kbps Incuebation - Black (Original Mix) Incuebation - Projection (Assault Systems Remix) Incuebation - Projection…

Olivian Nour – Lae Bucalae

Olivian Nour - Lae Bucalae Artist: Olivian Nour Title: Lae Bucalae Genre: Techno Label: Melotherapy Quality: 320 kbps Olivian Nour - Lae Bucalae (Original Mix) Olivian Nour - Margarete (Original Mix) Olivian Nour - Seth (Original…

Danger Noise – Phobia EP

Danger Noise - Phobia EP Artist: Danger Noise Title: Phobia EP Genre: Techno Label: Gain Records Quality: 320 kbps Danger Noise - Outside (Miss Sheila Remix) Danger Noise - Outside (Original Mix) Danger Noise - Phobia (Original Mix)…

Juli Lee – Under EP

Juli Lee - Under EP Artist: Juli Lee Title: Under EP Genre: Tech House Label: Skylyne Records Quality: 320 kbps Juli Lee - Under One Roof (Dub Mix) Juli Lee - Under One Roof (Original Mix) Juli Lee - Underworld (Original Mix) Juli…

My Favorite Robot’s Winter Sampler 2017

My Favorite Robot’s Winter Sampler 2017 Artist: VA Title: My Favorite Robot’s Winter Sampler 2017 Genre: Tech House/Nu Disco Label: My Favorite Robot Records Quality: 320 kbps Antenna Happy – Stars For Lunch (Original Mix) Caruan,…

Victor Ruiz – Red Lights

Victor Ruiz – Red Lights Artist: Victor Ruiz Title: Red Lights Genre: Techno Label: Senso Sounds Quality: 320 kbps Victor Ruiz – Red Lights (Bart Skils Motor Speedway Rework) Victor Ruiz – Red Lights (Original Mix)