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Progressive House


Progressive house is a young genre in electronic music. It has interesting, spatial and amazing sounding. As in almost all dance music the base for the composition is bass drum that sets rhythm, around which its structure and harmony are developed with the help of electronic percussion of synthesizers and mixed singing. Common people can easily confuse modern Progressive house with Progressive trans, but if you listen attentively, you’ll find a lot of differences.

Progressive house is usually less aggressive and it has simpler rhythmic pattern and unique atmosphere. The founders of this genre are believed to be English DJ Sasha, who performed it in the distant 1992. Since that time this genre underwent many changes. Classic of the genre are tracks, released by sound-recording firms Guerilla, Limbo, Stress in the middle 90th. As to the current situation of this genre, we would like to single out such performers as Martin Garrix Zedd, Arty, Alesso, Julian Calor, Dzeko, Matt Nash.

The genre is very popular now, it has many prospects. Young producers try their luck by releasing their tracks in this style and it’s really good. Also such popular singer as Selena Gomez released her songs in the style of Progressive house, which is indicative of wide audience of listeners. In general, this genre successfully has been staying afloat for 23 years and the hearts of die-hard fans as well as common people open to this music.

Mar 13

Pauke Schaumburg – Numo

Artist: Pauke Schaumburg
Title: Numo
Genre: Tech House/Progressive House
Label: EIN2
Quality: 320 kbps

Pauke Schaumburg – Erus (Original Mix)
Pauke Schaumburg – Numo (Original Mix)
Pauke Schaumburg – Spirit (Original Mix)


Mar 12

Beatport Must Hear Progressive: March 2017

Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Must Hear Progressive: March 2017
Genre: Progressive House, Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Fabrik Way, Cosma Castiglia – New Heavens & New Earth (Original Mix)
MUUI – Relapse (Original Mix)
Mario Puccio – Utopia (Original Mix)
Digital Mess – Save Me (Artsever Remix)
Tuxedo – Orphan Black (Bablak Remix)
Amber Long, Oovation – Sohn (Original Mix)
Tone Depth – Palm Beach (Original Mix)
Kastis Torrau – Shaman (Lake Avalon Remix)
Rauschhaus – The Resurrection of Ourselves (Simon Doty’s Sights On Saturn Remix)
Phi Phi, Roddy Reynaert – Haarp (Original Mix)

Mar 10

Mar 10

Beatport Exclusives Only: Mar.06.2017

Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Exclusives Only: Mar.06.2017
Genre: Progressive House / Deep House / Tech House / Leftfield House & Techno / Techno / Drum & Bass / Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

Mar 10

Re.You Karma Chart

Artist: VA
Title: Re.You Karma Chart
Genre: Progressive House, Deep House, Leftfield House & Techno, Tech House, Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Toto Chiavetta – Monkey Mind (Original Mix)
Ramon Tapia – Karma (Re.You Remix)
Radio Slave – Feel The Same (Original Mix)
Young Marco – The Best I Could Do (With What I Had) (Original Mix)
Jonathan Kaspar – Supine (Original Mix)
Alex Niggemann – Silhouettes & Sparks Feat. Hendrik Burkhard (Denis Horvat Remix)
Gonzo-Gonzo – Collage (Till Von Sein Remix)
Radio Slave – My Bleep (Roman Flügel Remix) – In My Arms feat. David Ennio Minor (Original Mix)
Rampa – The Touch (Original Mix)

Mar 10

Solee March 2017 Goodies

Artist: VA
Title: Solee March 2017 Goodies
Genre: Progressive House, Deep House, Techno, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Undercatt – Hana (Original Mix)
Marbert Rocel – Hold On (Deetron Dub)
Blind – Back Home (Alyne Remix)
Stereo Underground – Glacier Meadows (Original Mix)
Oliver Schories – Clancy (Original Mix)
Mind Against, Aether (DE) – Eclipse (Original Mix)
Solee – Ten (Wally Lopez Remix)
Animal Picnic, Aaryon – Tets (Original Mix)
Davide Randazzo – Dipping (Original Mix)
Aparde – Elias (Ryan Davis Re:Imagination)

Mar 09

MAS – a l’Antiboise

Artist: MAS
Title: a l’Antiboise
Genre: Techno/Progressive House
Label: MNL
Quality: 320 kbps

MAS – a l’Antiboise (Juliane Wolf Remix)
MAS – a l’Antiboise (Original Mix)


Mar 08

Top 25 10th Week 2017

Artist: VA
Title: Top 25 10th Week 2017
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Progressive House
Quality: AIFF

Affkt – Sunset Riders (Original Mix)
Amber Long, Oovation – Sohn (Dousk Remix)
CASSIMM – L.S.D. (Original Mix)
Charles Ramirez, Luca M, JUST2 – Up & Down (Franky Rizardo Remix)
Darlyn Vlys & Third Son – Orson
De La Swing – Connected (Original Mix)
Dinamica, Maxime – Mental Erasure (Anturage Remix)
Fancy Inc – Free Town (Original Mix)
Frankyeffe – Space Labyrinth (Original Mix)
Hippocoon, Del Claro – It’s Your Life (Samuel Dan Secondlife Remix)
Italobros – Tille (Rich Wakley Remix)
John Haden, Leander Leen, Leander Leen, John Haden – Just What We Got (Khainz Remix)
Jose Nunez, Taina – Makes Me feat. Taina (Prok & Fitch Extended Remix)
Ki Creighton, Makanan – Trivial (Original Mix)
Latmun – That’s Good (Original Mix)
Moby – Porcelain (Julian Jeweil Remix)
Nico Pusch – Digital As Usual (Township Rebellion Remix)
Paul C, Paolo Martini – Klong (Max Chapman & Apollo 84 Remix)
Piem – Chubby Thang
Piemont – Elastic (Original Mix)
Skober – Singular (Original Mix)
Supernova – The Wild Weekend (Orignal)
Terry Lynn, Raumakustik – Dog Eat Cat Eat Mouse (Original Mix)
Thalstroem, AKA AKA, Umami – What Matters (Tube & Berger Remix)
Third Son – Zimmer

Mar 08

Rauschhaus – Theory Of Everything: Remixes

Artist: Rauschhaus
Title: Theory Of Everything: Remixes
Genre: Electronica/Progressive House
Label: Rhetorical
Quality: 320 kbps

Rauschhaus – Falling Into You (Zein Remix)
Rauschhaus – The Resurrection of Ourselves (El Mundo Remix)
Rauschhaus – The Resurrection of Ourselves (Simon Doty’s Sights On Saturn Remix)


Mar 08

Ape Sapiens – The Last Untold Story

Artist: Ape Sapiens
Title: The Last Untold Story
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Stripped Digital
Quality: 320 kbps

Ape Sapiens – The Last Untold Story (Cybernalia Remix)
Ape Sapiens – The Last Untold Story (Original Mix)
Ape Sapiens – The Last Untold Story (Vini Pistori Remix)