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Progressive House


Progressive house is a young genre in electronic music. It has interesting, spatial and amazing sounding. As in almost all dance music the base for the composition is bass drum that sets rhythm, around which its structure and harmony are developed with the help of electronic percussion of synthesizers and mixed singing. Common people can easily confuse modern Progressive house with Progressive trans, but if you listen attentively, you’ll find a lot of differences.

Progressive house is usually less aggressive and it has simpler rhythmic pattern and unique atmosphere. The founders of this genre are believed to be English DJ Sasha, who performed it in the distant 1992. Since that time this genre underwent many changes. Classic of the genre are tracks, released by sound-recording firms Guerilla, Limbo, Stress in the middle 90th. As to the current situation of this genre, we would like to single out such performers as Martin Garrix Zedd, Arty, Alesso, Julian Calor, Dzeko, Matt Nash.

The genre is very popular now, it has many prospects. Young producers try their luck by releasing their tracks in this style and it’s really good. Also such popular singer as Selena Gomez released her songs in the style of Progressive house, which is indicative of wide audience of listeners. In general, this genre successfully has been staying afloat for 23 years and the hearts of die-hard fans as well as common people open to this music.

Mar 01

D-Formation’s Intensity Chart

Artist: VA
Title: D-Formation’s Intensity Chart
Genre: Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno, Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

Cruzado, Dr. Lamb – Transatlantical (Original Mix)
Chus & Ceballos, Carlos Manaca – The Strong Rhythm (D-Formation Remix)
Lower & OSp – Paraphonic (Original Mix)
Paco Maroto – Intensity (D-Formation Remix)
Olivier Giacomotto, Noir – Blackrays Feat. Hendrik Burkhard (Kiko & Citizen Kain Remix)
Pana – Portamento (Original Mix)
Joseph Mancino – Splits Your Dub (Hernan Bass Remix)
Sasha – Channel Deq (Max Cooper Remix)
Ilario Alicante – Awakened (Original Mix)
Phil Kieran – No Life (Roman Flugel Remix)

Feb 28

Robert R. Hardy – Last Indos

Artist: Robert R. Hardy
Title: Last Indos
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Balkan Connection South America
Quality: 320 kbps

Robert R. Hardy – Last Indos (Nicholas Van Orton Remix)
Robert R. Hardy – Last Indos (Nicolas Rada Remix)
Robert R. Hardy – Last Indos (Original Mix)


Feb 28

Nandu, Markus Nyberg – Lightning

Artist: Nandu, Markus Nyberg
Title: Lightning
Genre: Deep House/Progressive House
Label: Constant Circles
Quality: 320 kbps

Nandu – Stand By (Original Mix)
Nandu – Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Nandu, Markus Nyberg – Lightning (Modular Project Remix)
Nandu, Markus Nyberg – Lightning (Original Mix)


Feb 27

Nicole Moudaber’s ‘Empty Space’ Chart

Artist: VA
Title: Nicole Moudaber’s ‘Empty Space’ Chart
Genre: Progressive House, Techno, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Marino Canal – Sentient (Original)
Sasha – Pontiac (Matthew Dear Vs. Audion Remix)
Nicole Moudaber – Empty Space (Original Mix)
Bengal (SF) – Masada (Dachshund Remix)
Daniele Di Martino – Tendency (Pavel Petrov Remix)
Chicola, Sahar Z – It Happened One Night (Original Mix)
Nicole Moudaber – Be Gone (Original Mix)
Mike Wall – Ingoknito (Keith Carnal Remix)
Fjaak – Wolves (Original Mix)
Nicole Moudaber – Young Hearts (Original Mix)

Feb 27

Super Flu Fairytale Forests

Artist: VA
Title: Super Flu Fairytale Forests
Genre: Deep House, Progressive House, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Pirupa – Solo (Original Mix)
Undercatt – Futura (Original Mix)
Whitesquare – Replenishment (Original Mix)
Jonathan Kaspar – Even (Original Mix)
Baba Stiltz – Are You Mad? Cause I’m Not Mad… (Original Mix)
Aero Manyelo – Mooki (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)
Bosq – Tumbala feat. Tempo Alomar (Auntie Flo Dub)
Rondevu – iD2 (Original Mix)
Pirupa – Fleshy Bleep (Viktor’s Slowly Deep Remix)
Amberoom – Rhit (Original Mix)

Feb 27

Stereo Underground – Northern Lights / Glacier Meadows

Artist: Stereo Underground
Title: Northern Lights / Glacier Meadows
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Lost & Found
Quality: 320 kbps

Stereo Underground – Glacier Meadows (Original Mix)
Stereo Underground – Northern Lights (Original Mix)


Feb 25

Nihil Young Miami Tunes

Artist: VA
Title: Nihil Young Miami Tunes
Genre: Tech House, Techno, House, Deep House, Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

Nihil Young, Wolf Story – Voice of Reason (Original Mix)
Nihil Young, Damarii – Invisible Allies (Original Mix)
Igor Carmo – Down (Original Mix)
Devid Dega, 9NEMY – Insider (Nihil Young ‘ACID’ Remix)
Alexander Madness, Alex Nemec – Cloud Nine (Nihil Young Remix)
Killed Kassette, Metrocat – Don’t Let Them Win (Original Mix)
George Acosta, Clinton Cartel – Ke Rico (Wolf Story Remix)
Bryan Matthz – Mammoth Wasp (Original Mix)
Marc Molina – Versus (Original Mix)
Di Rugerio, Less Hate – Stardust (Nihil Young Less Hate Remix)

Feb 25

Just My.. February 2017 Chart

Artist: VA
Title: Just My.. February 2017 Chart
Genre: House, Deep House, Leftfield House & Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Nandu, Markus Nyberg – Lightning (Modular Project Remix)
Kieran Fowkes, Just Her – On The Low (Original Mix)
Freddy Parisi – Running Free (Original Mix)
Whitesquare – Replenishment (Original Mix)
Allies for Everyone – The Slow (Joal Remix)
Terr – Misantropicalia (Original Mix)
Blind Motive – Chapters (Original Mix)
Hermanez – Abyss (Original Mix)
GoldFFinch – Nova (Original Mix)
Nandu – Stand By (Original Mix)

Feb 23

Solee, Nolah, Anii – Ten (Remix) / Fedra / Lift Us Free

Artist: Solee, Nolah, Anii
Title: Ten (Remix) / Fedra / Lift Us Free
Genre: Progressive House/Tech House
Label: Parquet Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Anii – Lift Us Free (Original Mix)
Nolah – Fedra (Original Mix) 6
Solee – Ten (Wally Lopez Remix)


Feb 22

Michel Lomar – Cosmonauts

Artist: Michel Lomar
Title: Cosmonauts
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Inception
Quality: 320 kbps

Michel Lomar – Cosmonauts (Original Mix)