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Indie Dance / Nu Disco


Nu Disco as a genre of dance music originated at the beginning of the 2000th in Italy, when Eurodance music, named Groove, branched away. The name Nu Disco appeared in 2002 in Great Britain and in 2008 it was officially recognized by the music world.

Music stores started to use this term for remixes of classic disco music and works of European musicians, inspired by the music of the 70-90th.

Appearance of this genre was caused by renewed interest of the listeners in disco music of the end of 70th and the beginning of 80th, Italo-disco of the 80th and Euro-disco of the 90th.

Thanks to the new modern technologies and new approach to sampling, these genres got fresh original sounding. The use in compositions of synthesized sounds, similar to live instruments, combined with the modern dance beats and basses, is the main stylistic pattern of Nu-Disco. The tracks abound in effects of Deep House, and the tempo has straight rhythm within 110-125 beats per minute.

The pioneer of this genre is duo Metro Area who reincarnated the music of the 70-80th. After becoming recognizable, Nu-Disco is considered to be a trend-setter. This genre became the most popular in Europe and Australia. In America, after being mixed with Dubstep and called Complextro, this genre has also found its listeners. It must be admitted that at the moment of its birth this genre had very few famous musicians and even now, despite widespread support from commercial sound-recording firms, Nu Disco is still underground music.

Jan 08

Mason’s Live On Dreams chart

Artist: VA
Title: Mason’s Live On Dreams chart
Genre: House, Future House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Tech House, Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Mason – LIVE ON DREAMS (Original Mix)
Red Rack’em – Wonky Bassline Disco Banger (Original Mix)
Claude VonStroke, Andrea Di Rocco – LFO I Love You 2016 (David Mayer Edit)
Monkeycat – Athos (Original Mix)
HiFi Sean – Testify feat. Crystal Waters (Shalvoy Mix)
Mason, LouLou Players – Bubblebath (Illusionize Remix)
Crookers – Get My Mind Right feat. Mike City (Original Mix)
Spiller – Jumbo (Boris The Spyder Drums Version)
Kolombo, Malikk – Don’t Give Up (Original Mix)
Don’t Dogz – Spirit Voices (Sharam Jey Edit)

Jan 07

George Cynnamon – Runnin

Artist: George Cynnamon
Title: Runnin
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Believe In Disco
Quality: 320 kbps

George Cynnamon – Runnin (Original Mix)


Jan 07

Fabs# – Right Here

Artist: Fabs#
Title: Right Here
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco / Tech House
Label: Ton Liebt Klang
Quality: 320 kbps

Fabs# – Right Here (Matchy, Bott Remix)
Fabs# – Right Here (Nicolas Luce Remix)
Fabs# – Right Here (Original Mix)


Jan 07

GaredMoher – Move, Play

Artist: GaredMoher
Title: Move, Play
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Deep Strips
Quality: 320 kbps

GaredMoher – E.G.O. (Original Mix)
GaredMoher – Move, Play (Original Mix)


Jan 06

Bjorn Torske & DJ Sotofett – Host

Artist: Bjorn Torske & DJ Sotofett
Title: Host
Genre: Deep House/Nu Disco
Label: Sex Tags Mania
Quality: 320 kbps

Bjorn Torske – Host (DJ Sotofett’s Stoydubb)
DJ Sotofett – Version Feat. Jenz Rahbe


Jan 06

Jan 06

Beatport New Year’s Resolution: Indie Dance / Nu Disco

Artist: VA
Title: Beatport New Year’s Resolution: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Quality: 320 kbps

Pontchartrain – Life Saver (Original Mix)
Kasper Bjorke – Klint (Original Mix)
Kelton – Dallas En Brie (Original Mix)
Jonathan Kusuma – Automatone (Original Mix)
Praus – What We Tellin Them (Original Mix)
Los Fugazzi – Kinetic (Original Mix)
Man2.0 – Seedling (Original Mix)
James Rod – Cosmic Japan (Original Mix)
Red Axes – Waiting For A Surprise (Moscoman Remix)
French House Mafia – Le disco chic, Pt. 2 (Original Mix)
Planet Jumper – Do It Some More (Original Mix)
Ola Kvernberg – The Mechanical Fair (Todd Terje Remix)
Sleazy McQueen – Huit Etoiles (Original Mix)
DJ Hell – I Want U (Extended Version)
The Emperor Machine – System 100 Jam (Original Mix)
This Soft Machine – Absence Of Rhythm (Original Mix)
John Talabot – Voices (Original Mix)
Joseph Terruel – Blue Regret (Paraiso Re-Rub)
Snacks – Burnin’ (Original Mix)
Sfire – Sfire 3 (John Talabot’s Warehouse Dub)

Jan 06

InFine10 Tomorrow Sounds Better With You (Since 2006)

Artist: VA
Title: InFine10 Tomorrow Sounds Better With You (Since 2006)
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: InFine
Quality: 320 kbps

Apparat – Arcadia (Video Edit)
Arandel – In D#7 (Original Mix)
Aufgang – Barock (Radio Edit)
Bachar Mar-Khalife – Ya Nas (Original Mix)
Bruce Brubaker – Knee Play 4 (Original Mix)
Carl Craig, Agoria – Speechless (feat. Carl Craig) (Album Edit)
Composer – Check Chuck (Radio Edit) (Original Mix)
Cubenx – First Wave Front (Original Mix)
Danton Eeprom – Confessions of an English Opium-Eater (Original Mix)
Don Nino – Beats (Radio Edit)
Downliners Sekt – Silent Ascent (Original Mix)
Francesco Tristano – The Melody (Original Mix)
Gaspar Claus, Pedro Soler – Caminos (Original Mix)
Mimu, Clara Moto – Silently (feat. Mimu) (Video Edit)
Murcof – Paloma IV (Original Mix)
Oxia – Harmonie (Original Mix)
Rone – Bora Vocal (Original Mix)
Spitzer, Kid A – Too Hard Too Breathe (feat. Kid A) (Original Mix)
The (Hypothetical) Prophets – Wallenberg (French Version)


Jan 06

K-Effect – Walking On Mars

Artist: K-Effect
Title: Walking On Mars
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Nein Records
Quality: 320 kbps

K-effect – Electro Light For Dinner (Original Mix)
K-effect – Electro Light For Dinner (Volta Cab Remix)
K-effect – Walking On Mars (Original Mix)
K-effect – Walking On Mars (Otheo Remix)


Jan 05

Waveback Luke, Detuned – R.a.i.d.

Artist: Waveback Luke, Detuned
Title: R.a.i.d.
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Sick Society
Quality: 320 kbps

Waveback Luke, Detuned – R.a.i.d. (Original Mix)
Waveback Luke, Detuned – R.a.i.d. (Produse Remix)