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Minimal Techno is a very simple rhythm that is minimalist subgenre of techno, characterized by atonality and some specificity with often synthesized sounds. It has considerable amount of different noise and ascetic melody with simplified sequence of sounds.

Sometimes such music is called β€œtrash” since it embraces all that was rejected by other styles. But from another point of view Minimal Techno is very unique and interesting style because of its seeming simplicity.

The essence of this techno style is in extensive filling of acoustic space without sacrificing sound intensity and pressure. Real Minimal Techno consists of the separate elements, which aren’t a part of a track, but a separate part of the complete arrangement that changes constantly in its music patterns, it lack any attraction to any center, and all this favors attentive and concentrated perception of music. Diversity of these elements, despite seeming angularity and roughness, makes unusually soft and harmonious effect. Minimal Techno is a very unique possibility to express inexpressible and create something more than just a simple rhythm. When you listen to this music it seems that you dissolve into it, becoming one of the diverse elements of the sound, blending with tonal patterns of the notes, turning into one sounding, becoming absorbed by eternity of harmony.

You can start listening to Minimal Techno from any place in the track and each instrument that you can hear will be the main one.

Sian – Scanners [OCT109]

Sian - Scanners Artist: Sian Title: Scanners Genre: Techno Label: Octopus Records Quality: 320 kbps Sian - Cobra (Original Mix) Sian - Dune (Original Mix) Sian - Scanners (Original Mix)

Little Large – Dabruka [NF075]

Little Large - Dabruka Artist: Little Large Title: Dabruka Genre: Tech House / Techno Label: NastyFunk Records Quality: 320 kbps Little Large - Bilambau (Original Mix) Little Large - Bobowa (Original Mix) Little Large - Dabruka…

F.eht, Doepp – Baje EP [IML071]

F.eht, Doepp - Baje EP Artist: F.eht, Doepp Title: Baje EP Genre: Techno Label: Innocent Music Limited Quality: 320 kbps F.eht - Baje (Original Mix) F.eht - You Know (Original Mix) F.eht, Doepp - Croeso (Original Mix)

Cid Inc., Darin Epsilon – Resistencia

Cid Inc., Darin Epsilon - Resistencia Artist: Cid Inc., Darin Epsilon Title: Resistencia Genre: Progressive House / Techno Label: Perspectives Digital Quality: 320 kbps Cid Inc., Darin Epsilon - Myndie (Original Mix) Cid Inc., Darin…