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Progressive House


Progressive house is a young genre in electronic music. It has interesting, spatial and amazing sounding. As in almost all dance music the base for the composition is bass drum that sets rhythm, around which its structure and harmony are developed with the help of electronic percussion of synthesizers and mixed singing. Common people can easily confuse modern Progressive house with Progressive trans, but if you listen attentively, you’ll find a lot of differences.

Progressive house is usually less aggressive and it has simpler rhythmic pattern and unique atmosphere. The founders of this genre are believed to be English DJ Sasha, who performed it in the distant 1992. Since that time this genre underwent many changes. Classic of the genre are tracks, released by sound-recording firms Guerilla, Limbo, Stress in the middle 90th. As to the current situation of this genre, we would like to single out such performers as Martin Garrix Zedd, Arty, Alesso, Julian Calor, Dzeko, Matt Nash.

The genre is very popular now, it has many prospects. Young producers try their luck by releasing their tracks in this style and it’s really good. Also such popular singer as Selena Gomez released her songs in the style of Progressive house, which is indicative of wide audience of listeners. In general, this genre successfully has been staying afloat for 23 years and the hearts of die-hard fans as well as common people open to this music.

Wildback – The Space Inside Me [NEOTECK136]

Wildback - The Space Inside Me Artist: Wildback Title: The Space Inside Me Genre: Progressive House Label: Neoteck Music Quality: 320 kbps Wildback - The Space Inside Me (Edvard Hunger Remix) Wildback - The Space Inside Me (Original…

Tocalta – Carbon / Fibre [AND009]

Tocalta - Carbon / Fibre Artist: Tocalta Title: Carbon / Fibre Genre: Progressive House Label: Andea Music Quality: 320 kbps Tocalta - Carbon (Original Mix) Tocalta - Fibre (Original Mix)

Rogier, GAR – Eivissa [ATRL081]

Rogier, GAR - Eivissa Artist: Rogier, GAR Title: Eivissa Genre: Progressive House Label: Aethereal Quality: 320 kbps Rogier, GAR - Azure (Original Mix) Rogier, GAR - Eivissa (Original Mix)

Mf2m, Daniel Briegert – Solaris [TOYS304]

Mf2m, Daniel Briegert - Solaris Artist: Mf2m, Daniel Briegert Title: Solaris Genre: Progressive House Label: ToySounds Quality: 320 kbps Mf2m, Daniel Briegert - Solaris (Daniel Briegert Hardtekk) Mf2m, Daniel Briegert - Solaris…

Caio Stanccione – Cycle Mountain [DD130]

Caio Stanccione - Cycle Mountain Artist: Caio Stanccione Title: Cycle Mountain Genre: Deep House / Progressive House Label: Dear Deer Quality: 320 kbps Caio Stanccione – Adimiral (Original Mix) 8:26 /120bpm/ Cmaj Caio Stanccione –…

Shingo Nakamura, RNX – Oregon [SILKM139]

Shingo Nakamura, RNX - Oregon Artist: Shingo Nakamura, RNX Title: Oregon Genre: Progressive House Label: Silk Music Quality: 320 kbps Shingo Nakamura, RNX - Oregon (RNX Mix) Shingo Nakamura, RNX - Oregon (Shingo Nakamura Mix)

Solarc – Wicked Game [BALKAN0453]

Solarc - Wicked Game Artist: Solarc Title: Wicked Game Genre: Deep House / Progressive House / Tech House Label: Balkan Connection Quality: 320 kbps Solarc - Storytellers (Original Mix) Solarc - Wicked Game (Criss Source Remix)…