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Progressive house is a young genre in electronic music. It has interesting, spatial and amazing sounding. As in almost all dance music the base for the composition is bass drum that sets rhythm, around which its structure and harmony are developed with the help of electronic percussion of synthesizers and mixed singing. Common people can easily confuse modern Progressive house with Progressive trans, but if you listen attentively, you’ll find a lot of differences.

Progressive house is usually less aggressive and it has simpler rhythmic pattern and unique atmosphere. The founders of this genre are believed to be English DJ Sasha, who performed it in the distant 1992. Since that time this genre underwent many changes. Classic of the genre are tracks, released by sound-recording firms Guerilla, Limbo, Stress in the middle 90th. As to the current situation of this genre, we would like to single out such performers as Martin Garrix Zedd, Arty, Alesso, Julian Calor, Dzeko, Matt Nash.

The genre is very popular now, it has many prospects. Young producers try their luck by releasing their tracks in this style and it’s really good. Also such popular singer as Selena Gomez released her songs in the style of Progressive house, which is indicative of wide audience of listeners. In general, this genre successfully has been staying afloat for 23 years and the hearts of die-hard fans as well as common people open to this music.

Jun 01

Shane Robinson – Day One

Artist: Shane Robinson
Title: Day One
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Balkan Connection
Quality: 320 kbps

Biologik,Shane Robinson – Day One (Biologik Remix)
Ewan Rill,Shane Robinson – Day One (Ewan Rill Remix)
Shane Robinson – Day One (Original Mix)
Shane Robinson,Tech D – Day One (Tech D Remix)


Jun 01

Rick Pier O’Neil – To Declare (Part 2)

Artist: Rick Pier O’Neil
Title: To Declare (Part 2)
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Soundteller Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Chris Micali,Greg Benz,Rick Pier O’Neil – To Declare (Greg Benz & Chris Micali Remix)
Matias Chilano,Rick Pier O’Neil – To Declare (Matias Chilano After Hour Mix)


Jun 01

Robert R Hardy – Artist Choice 044 Robert R Hardy

Artist: Robert R Hardy
Title: Artist Choice 044 Robert R Hardy
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Spring Tube AC
Quality: 320 kbps

Avenax,Ewan Rill – Lotos (Vocal Mix)
David Granha,Tvardovsky – Islandia (Tvardovsky Remix)
Miraculum,Robert R. Hardy – Hologram (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
Monojoke – Deceitful (Original Mix)
Namatjira,Simos Tagias – Bardarbunga (Simos Tagias Remix)
Nick Varon – Golden Cave (Original Mix)
Robert R. Hardy – Artist Choice 044 (Continuous DJ Mix)
Robert R. Hardy – Harmony (Original Mix)
Robert R. Hardy – I Love You (Original Mix)
Robert R. Hardy – Systematic Moment (Original Mix)
The Real Xperience – Accidental Affair (Original Mix)


May 28

Pablo German – Samsara

Artist: Pablo German
Title: Samsara
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Superordinate Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Eli Nissan,Pablo German – The Union (Eli Nissan Rmx)
Pablo German – Samsara (Original Mix)
Pablo German – The Union (Original Mix)
Pablo German,Pad One – The Union (Pad One Rmx)
Pablo German,Vitaly Shturm – Samsara (Vitaly Shturm Rmx)


May 26

Manu F – Coven

Artist: Manu F
Title: Coven
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Balkan Connection
Quality: 320 kbps

Following Light,Manu F – Coven (Following Light Remix)
Manu F – Coven (Original Mix)
Manu F,Mario Puccio – Coven (Mario Puccio Remix)
Manu F,Nicolas Petracca – Coven (Nicolas Petracca Remix)


May 21

SQL – Take It as It Comes

Artist: SQL
Title: Take It as It Comes
Genre: Techno / Progressive House
Label: Flow Vinyl
Quality: 320 kbps

SQL – Palermo (Original Mix)
SQL – Take It as It Comes (Original Mix)
SQL – Take It as It Comes (Vince Watson Remix)


May 13

This Is Underground 08

Artist: VA
Title: This Is Underground 08
Genre: Progressive House / Techno
Label: Mystic Carousel Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Arcadium – Time Elapsed (Original Mix)
Deniz M, DeepForestSide – Dark Essence (Original Mix)
Federico Santorsola – Sigma (Original Mix)
Franco Tejedor – El Chalten (Original Mix)
Franzis-D – Sigmund Freud (Original Mix)
Graham Lloris – Soho (Original Mix)
Hernan Delgado – La Cabeza Del Indio (Original Mix)
Luciano Lozz – Impasse (Original Mix)
Membr – About Last Time (Original Mix)
Santiago Linguer – I Will Be Back (Original Mix)
Uran Temple – Aural Sphinx (Original Mix)


May 01

Closing Tracks Charts April 2016 Future House

Artist: VA
Title: Closing Tracks Charts April 2016 Future House
Genre: Deep House / Electro House / House / Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Madison Mars – Theme O (Extended Mix) (03:40) 126bpm Fmin 8.53MB HEXAGON
02. Sam Feldt – Been A While (Madison Mars Remix) (03:39) 126bpm C#min 8.45MB Spinnin’ Remixes
03. Don Diablo – Silence ft. Dave Thomas Jr. (Extended Mix) (04:28) 122bpm Bmaj 10.27MB SPINNIN’ RECORDS
04. LVNDSCAPE & Holland Park – Waterfalls (feat. Nico Santos) (Extended Mix) (04:32) 120bpm Emaj 10.62MB SOURCE
05. GLOWINTHEDARK – Stars & Moon (Original Mix) (03:14) 121bpm Cmaj 7.49MB Dim Mak Records
06. Hardwell feat. Jake Reese – Run Wild (eSQUIRE Houselife Remix) (04:27) 124bpm Dmaj 10.25MB Revealed Recordings
07. Tommy Trash – Body Movin (Wax Motif Remix) (05:12) 126bpm Fmin 11.94MB Fool’s Gold Records
08. Bolier & Natalie Peris – Forever And A Day (Extended Mix) (04:10) 120bpm Fmin 9.57MB SOURCE
09. Calvin Harris, Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love (Extended Mix) (05:54) 122bpm Emin 13.53MB Columbia (Sony)
10. Taiki Nulight – Check Out Time (Original Mix) (04:55) 125bpm Fmaj 11.32MB Night Bass Records
11. Sartek – Back To The Future (Original Mix) (04:36) 126bpm Gmin 10.59MB GURU
12. Earth, Wind & Fire, Throttle – September (Original Mix) (04:16) 122bpm Amaj 9.85MB Ultra
13. The Magician – Together (Zonderling Remix) (05:12) 126bpm Fmin 11.98MB POTION
14. Madeaux – Kill For Me (Hook N Sling Remix) (04:09) 126bpm A♯min 9.55MB Fool’s Gold Records
15. Sam Feldt feat. Heidi Rojas – Shadows Of Love (Extended Mix) (05:03) 120bpm Dmin 11.64MB SPINNIN’ RECORDS
16. Daniel Cross feat Miya – Killing Me (Toniia Remix) (04:54) 123bpm A♯min 11.28MB LoveStyle Records
17. Redondo & Boris Way – Sunday (Extended Mix) (04:12) 124bpm Dmin 9.65MB SPINNIN’ DEEP
18. Calippo – Mr. Love You (Original Mix) (06:05) 123bpm A♯min 13.99MB Enormous Tunes
19. Santey Ft. Kelli-Leigh – What Would You Do (Extended Mix) (04:23) 122bpm Gmin 10.12MB Armada Deep

May 01

Closing Tracks Charts April 2016 Big Room

Artist: VA
Title: Closing Tracks Charts April 2016 Big Room
Genre: Electro House / Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Jay Hardway – Stardust (Extended Mix) (05:04) 128bpm Fmin 11.67MB SPINNIN’ RECORDS
02. Julian Jordan – Pilot (Extended Mix) (03:37) 128bpm Emin 8.35MB Revealed Recordings
03. Ummet Ozcan – Spacecats (Extended Mix) (04:30) 128bpm Gmin 10.44MB SPINNIN’ RECORDS
04. VINAI & Olly James – LIT (Extended Mix) (03:15) 128bpm F#maj 7.54MB SPINNIN’ RECORDS
05. Hardwell & KURA – Calavera (Extended Mix) (03:50) 128bpm Dmin 8.86MB Revealed Recordings
06. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. W&W – Arcade (Original Mix) (05:16) 128bpm G#min 12.16MB Smash The House
07. Blasterjaxx & Breathe Carolina – Soldier (Extended Mix) (04:54) 128bpm D#min 11.32MB Maxximize Records
08. MATTN, Futuristic Polar Bears – Cafe Del Mar 2016 (Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike Edit) (03:46) 128bpm F#min 8.83MB Smash The House
09. Crystal Lake – Say Goodbye (Headhunterz Edit) (04:01) 128bpm Emin 9.36MB DOORN RECORDS
10. TJR feat. Savage – We Wanna Party (Extended Mix) (03:18) 128bpm Fmin 7.65MB SPINNIN’ RECORDS
11. Kaaze – Tell Me (Extended Mix) (04:06) 128bpm Gmin 9.46MB Revealed Recordings
12. Sick Individuals & DBSTF – Into The Light (Original Mix) (05:26) 128bpm Fmin 12.54MB Revealed Recordings
13. Wolfpack & Warp Brothers – Phatt Bass 2016 (Original Mix) (04:48) 128bpm G#min 11.02MB Smash The House
14. Nom De Strip – Juno (Original Mix) (03:25) 128bpm Gmin 7.88MB DOORN RECORDS
15. Afrojack & Hardwell – Hollywood (Extended Mix) (03:32) 128bpm Amin 8.21MB Revealed Recordings
16. Joey Dale – Where Dreams Are Made (Extended Mix) (04:15) 128bpm Dmaj 9.84MB Revealed Recordings
17. Hardwell feat. Jake Reese – Run Wild (Alternative Extended Remix) (04:38) 128bpm Emaj 10.68MB Revealed Recordings
18. KSHMR feat. Sidnie Tipton – Wildcard (Extended Mix) (04:20) 128bpm Emin 10.02MB Musical Freedom
19. Vicetone – Siren (feat. Pia Toscano) (03:19) 128bpm Gmaj 7.66MB SPINNIN’ RECORDS
20. Dynastrax & Matierro feat. Max Landry – Alive (Extended Mix) (04:25) 128bpm Bmaj 10.19MB Enhanced Recordings

May 01

Secret Weapons April 2016 Progressive House

Artist: VA
Title: Secret Weapons April 2016 Progressive House
Genre: Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Niko Lindhe – Golden Rays (Embliss Daily Miracle Remix) (08:05) 120bpm G♯min LuPS Records
02. Difstate – The Dark Road (Qoob Remix) (08:09) 123bpm Amin PHW Elements
03. Nysepter – Differently (Napalm & D-phrag Remix) (08:23) 123bpm D♯min Abstract Space Records
04. Nick Varon – Golden Cave (Navid Mehr Remix) (06:35) 121bpm Dmin Spring Tube Limited
05. Lagoon – Fierce Woman (Andy Weed Remix) (09:29) 124bpm Cmaj Reelaux Digital
06. Michael A – Some Time (Stergios Remix) (08:09) 123bpm F♯maj Perfect Session Records
07. Gai Barone – Bianca (Original Mix) (07:46) 120bpm Dmin Afterglow
08. Sam Laxton – Once Upon A Time (Original Mix) (06:19) 125bpm D♯min Bonzai Progressive
09. Kissoff – Escape (Original Mix) (10:12) 123bpm Amaj BC2
10. Volkan Erman – Deep Sea (Original Mix) (08:26) 121bpm A♯min Inmost Records
11. Lorchee & I-REC – Bastion (Monojoke Remix) (09:03) 122bpm C♯maj Electronic Tree
12. Huminal – Warthogs World (Masahiro Nishibata Remix) (08:11) 126bpm Bmaj Yin
13. Serge Landar – Quiet Night (Rogier & Stage Van H Remix) (07:50) 123bpm Gmaj Aethereal
14. Ad Brown – Can We (Original Mix) (05:46) 123bpm Dmin Particles
15. Lost Days – Silhouette (Original Mix) (07:14) 117bpm Emin OLD SQL Recordings
16. Bequest – June Rain (Original Mix) (05:07) 115bpm Gmin Hydrogen
17. Neptun 505 – Triebwerk (K Nass Bohemian Remix) (09:15) 120bpm Dmin Electronic Tree
18. Juan.- Clouds (Michael A Remix) (08:35) 122bpm Dmaj Hype Muzik
19. Nodal Point – Nekhti (Julian Dep Remix) (08:17) 122bpm F♯min Aeriform Records
20. Insert Name – Your World (Original Mix) feat. Veela (08:58) 125bpm Gmin JOOF Aura

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