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House is a style of electronic music that originated in Chicago in the 1980th. It is believed that the House style got its name from the club “Warehouse” in Chicago, where one popular DJ Frankie Knuckles played his new music — a combination of traditional Disco and European synthpop, mixed with his own rhythms by drum-machine Ronald 909. In the middle 1980th this genre became quite popular in Europe: people listened to it, performed it and danced to it. Later on it became popular in South and North America and in Australia. In the era of total domination of Disco some people believed that this new music genre House was very stylish and pretentious. Unlike the style of Disco, House was simplified genre with the common time “to four”. The rhythm became more mechanical and sometimes the elements of vocal and instrumental accompaniment were added.

The birth of the House genre was marked by such songs as ‘Pump Up the Volume’, ‘Theme from S’Express’, ‘House Nation’, ‘Doctorin’ the House’ and many others. After being top genre in the European pop-charts, House was divided into several subgenres:

  • Hip-house;
  • Deep-house (combined some elements of chill-out, ambient and jazz);
  • Tech-house (mix of house music and techno style);
  • Ambient house;
  • Acid house (bass-generator is used);
  • Soulful house (implies the use of “live” instruments and improvisation);
  • Progressive house (having originated in the early 90th it renewed this style of music) etc.
  • Today House is a perfect style for any club or atmosphere. Although we can state that this style gave rise to electronic music, yet still it is full of elements of other genre — Soul of the 70th and the style of dance music Disco.

    Prominent representatives of this genre are:

  • Jesse Saunders;
  • Herb JacksonEarl «Spanky» Smith;
  • Larry Heard;
  • Marshall Jefferson;
  • DJ Pierre;
  • Moodyman and many others.
  • There are over 30 directions of this genre in the world and that is why everyone can find his or her own style of House music.

    Beatport Closing Essentials: House

    Beatport Closing Essentials: House Artist: VA Title: Beatport Closing Essentials: House Genre: House Quality: 320 kbps DJ Sneak – Rising (Original Mix) 6:27 Babert – I Can’t Be You (Original Mix) 6:16 Timmy P – Fat Dingers (Original Mix)…

    Mr. G, Duncan Forbes – Mates EP [PG059]

    Mr. G, Duncan Forbes – Mates EP Artist: Mr. G, Duncan Forbes Title: Mates EP Genre: House Label: Phoenix G Quality: 320 kbps Mr. G – Hip-Shaker (D’s Budda Beats Tweak) (6:15) Mr. G – Flex D’s (Beez In The Bass Bin Tweek) (6:47) Mr. G,…

    Mark Neo Marvin – Blowing EP [FBR094]

    Mark Neo Marvin – Blowing EP Artist: Mark Neo Marvin Title: Blowing EP Genre: House, Techno Label: Fine Beats Records Quality: 320 kbps Mark Neo Marvin – Blowing (Original Mix) (5:24) Mark Neo Marvin – Blowing (DJ George (COL) Remix)…

    CJ – One Kiss [NPD001]

    CJ – One Kiss Artist: CJ Title: One Kiss Genre: House Label: Nicepeople Quality: 320 kbps CJ – One Kiss (Original Mix) (7:18) CJ – Follow Your Love (Original Mix) (6:09)