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Electro house (англ. electro house) – a kind of stylistic music house , located at the junction of progressive -house and electroclash . Birth : 1996 heyday : 2003

Emergence of electro -house facilitated the emergence and flourishing of such a style of electronic music as electroclash late 1990s , after the revival of electro. Elektroklesh combines styles such as New Wave , Synth – pop, and disco . Also one of the elements of electroclash punk vocal advocates usually female , and themes of glamor, sex and science fiction. One of the first musicians penetrating elektrohaus the masses considered Italian Benny Benassi, is a fan of elektroklesh scene. Thanks to him, electro-house has become one of the most popular varieties of electronic dance music. His composition «Satisfaction» first played elektroklesh – parties, it played such DJs as Soulwax, Erol Alkan, Tiga, Larry Tee. Composition «Satisfaction» gained popularity , and dominated the charts around the world – from Canada to Australia and Russia , and still has not lost relevance.

Electro house is characterized by using drum machines , using analog bass (sawtooth bass), high-pitched lead synth . Temp varies from 125 to 135 BPM.

Also , despite the similarity in name , electro-house should not be confused with style electro. These styles have nothing in common .

Electro house has several sub-genres : Dirty electro – dynamic , more commercial , with the frequent use of vocals and “dirty” sound. Basically substyles presented French musicians : Justice, Teenage Bad Girl, Boys Noize, and others. Electro-Tech, in turn, grew out of tech -house and has a dark and hard , ” synthetic ” sound with the addition of noise. Represented by the following musicians : Gregor Tresher, Xenia Beliayeva, Kiko and others. In the work of French artists such as Etienne De Crecy, Digitalism, Autokratz, Justice, Alex Gopher very noticeable impact electroclash , new rave and style of the band Daft Punk. Gaining popularity as this kind of elektrohaus fidzhet house, incorporating elements of hip-hop, New dubstep rave and presented musicians such as Crookers, Ac Slater, Aquasky.

Jun 04

Brown Sugar & Niko De Luka Feat. Terri B – Keep on Knocking

Artist: Brown Sugar & Niko De Luka Feat. Terri B
Title: Keep On Knocking
Label: Housesession Records
Style: Club House/ Electro House
Quality: 320 kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint Stereo

01.Brown Sugar & Niko De Luka Feat. Terri B – Keep on Knocking (Chris Montana Remix) 06:08
02.Brown Sugar & Niko De Luka Feat. Terri B – Keep on Knocking (Brockman & Basti M Remix) 05:30
03.Brown Sugar & Niko De Luka Feat. Terri B – Keep on Knocking (Peter Gelderblom’s into the Funk Mix) 06:14
04.Brown Sugar & Niko De Luka Feat. Terri B – Keep on Knocking (Brown Sneakers Remix) 07:42
05.Brown Sugar & Niko De Luka Feat. Terri B – Keep on Knocking (Niko De Luka Darkroom Mix) 08:16
06.Brown Sugar & Niko De Luka Feat. Terri B – Keep on Knocking (Niko De Luka Groovy Mix) 07:46


May 11

Mickey Moonlight – Love Pattern

Artist: Mickey Moonlight
Title: Love Pattern
Style: Electro,Tech House
Label: Ed Banger Records
Quality: 320kbps stereo

1. Mickey Moonlight – Tam #19 1:05
2. Mickey Moonlight – Pelu Tolo 4:46
3. Mickey Moonlight – Love Pattern 4:21
4. Mickey Moonlight – Pelu Tolo (Bot’ox Lip Dub Mix) 6:14
5. Mickey Moonlight – Love Pattern (Isolee Remix) 10:53
6. Mickey Moonlight – Coming Home Again 4:34
7. Mickey Moonlight – Pelu Tolo (Bot’ox Full Vocal Mix) 6:13


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