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Electronica / Downtempo

Electronic music originated in the distant seventies, when the DJs, who played Disco and Funk, used these styles for creation of different “fancy features” to record electronic tracks. Eventually, Electronica became a separate genre of music that won the hearts of the listeners.

It is commonly believed that the founders of this genre are the followers of Post-disco, which was developing rapidly in Chicago, New York and Detroit. House and Techno developed in these cities and later on these genres became the engine of this music style. At first, majority of electronic tracks were created for the dance floor, but at the beginning of the ninetieth producers started to record the tracks for the listeners. This is how such genres appeared: Ambient-House, Experimental-Techno, Techno-House and Electro-Techno. Free structure and record of dance compositions were always typical for the style, which electronic music gave rise to.

To create a minimal track of electronic music you just need a laptop and a pair of speakers, because this is not a concert with many performers and instruments required for a huge concert hall. Electronic music is oriented towards popular styles and traditions of club culture, even though in revised version. But at the same time there is one more direction that we should mention — Academic electronic music. Of course, it is less known, but it is “solid pivot” of electronic music. This notion surprises many people. The fact that electronic music originated not in pop-music is well-known, but it is difficult for understanding by the great masses of listeners. For example, the style IDM as well as the style “noise” electronic music, despite their names, is meant for listening and not for dancing. You don’t need any special education to create the composition for these styles; it’s more useful to have technical skills in this sphere.

Invention of CD and digital methods of sound synthesis and sound transmission contributed greatly to the development of electronic music. This gave rise to concern among live music lovers who are dissatisfied with the lack of contact between the musician and the instrument. However, despite this fact electronic music became popular and separate direction that generated many fascinating and beautiful genres.

Sep 16

Francisco Aguado – Infinite Love [7VA001]

Artist: Francisco Aguado
Title: Infinite Love
Genre: Electronica, Deep House
Label: Seven Villas
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Francisco Aguado – Aimless Dreams (Original Mix) (6:14)
2. Francisco Aguado – Sea of Clouds (Original Mix) (8:17)
3. Francisco Aguado – Waves of Hope (Original Mix) (6:15)
4. Francisco Aguado – Return of the Essence (Original Mix) (6:57)
5. Francisco Aguado – Sweet Sunset (Original Mix) (6:33)
6. Francisco Aguado – Infinite Love (Original Mix) (6:23)
7. Francisco Aguado – Pure Innocence (Original Mix) (6:37)
8. Francisco Aguado – Adrift (Original Mix) (5:35)


Sep 15

Juan Sapia – No Regrets [MHR282]

Artist: Juan Sapia
Title: No Regrets
Genre: Electronica
Label: Massive Harmony Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Juan Sapia – No Regrets (Dante Saucedo Remix)
Juan Sapia – No Regrets (Oliver, Tom Remix)
Juan Sapia – No Regrets (Original Mix)
Juan Sapia – No Regrets (Rafael Aragon Remix)

Sep 14

The Black Dog – Hoaxer EP 4 [DUSTDL060]

Artist: The Black Dog
Title: Hoaxer EP 4
Genre: Leftfield House & Techno, Electronica
Label: Dust Science
Quality: 320 kbps

1. The Black Dog – MK Future (Reds RMX) (5:21)
2. The Black Dog – Seance Of Entitlement (Mystic Meg RMX) (5:17)
3. The Black Dog – Tell Me What You Remember (Variation RMX) (8:20)


Sep 14

Beatport Top 100 (13 Sep 2018)

Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Top 100 (13 Sep 2018)
Genre: Techno, Deep House, Tech House, House, Leftfield House & Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, Melodic, Electronica / Downtempo, Afro House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Quality: 320 kbps

Sep 14

Raw Main – Despierta [LMP59]

Artist: Raw Main
Title: Despierta
Genre: Afro House, Electronica
Label: Lump Records
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Raw Main – Alone in Rabat (Original Mix) (7:39)
2. Raw Main – Dances With Wolves (Original Mix) (7:22)
3. Raw Main – Oj Goro (Original Mix) (8:20)
4. Raw Main – Sin Palabras (Original Mix) (7:22)


Sep 14

Andre Lodemann – The Deeper You Go [BWRLP02D]

Artist: Andre Lodemann
Title: The Deeper You Go
Genre: Deep House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica
Label: Best Works Records
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Andre Lodemann – The Deeper You Go (Original Mix) (9:12)
2. Andre Lodemann – Emptiness (Original Mix) (8:25)
3. Andre Lodemann – Voices From The Past (Original Mix) (7:49)
4. Andre Lodemann – Metamorphosis (Original Mix) (8:24)
5. Andre Lodemann – Lost In Your Eyes (Original Mix) (7:19)
6. Andre Lodemann, Huw Costin – Connected (Original Mix) (7:00)
7. Andre Lodemann – Birth (Album Version) (6:33)
8. Andre Lodemann, Huw Costin – Treasure (Original Mix) (7:26)
9. Andre Lodemann – Misty Road (Original Mix) (9:45)


Sep 14

Hyph11e – Speak To Me: MetaPop Remixes (Nick Maeder Remix) [CAT235056]

Artist: Hyph11e
Title: Speak To Me: MetaPop Remixes (Nick Maeder Remix)
Genre: Electronica
Label: MetaPop
Quality: 320 kbps

Hyph11e – Speak To Me: Metapop Remixes (Nick Maeder Remix) (4:56)


Sep 14

David Guetta – 7 (Limited Edition) 2018

Artist: David Guetta
Title: 7 (Limited Edition)
Genre: Electro House, Progressive House
Label: Warner Music
Quality: 320 kbps

01. David Guetta – Don’t Leave Me Alone (Feat. Anne-Marie) (03:03)
02. David Guetta – Battle (Feat. Faouzia) (02:43)
03. David Guetta & Sia – Flames (03:15)
04. David Guetta – Blame It On Love (Feat. Madison Beer) (03:27)
05. David Guetta, Bebe Rexha & J Balvin – Say My Name (03:18)
06. David Guetta & Jason Derulo – Goodbye (Feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William) (03:15)
07. David Guetta – I’m That Bitch (Feat. Saweetie) (03:14)
08. David Guetta, Martin Garrix & Brooks – Like I Do (03:22)
09. David Guetta – 2U (Feat. Justin Bieber) (03:14)
10. David Guetta – She Knows How To Love Me (Feat. Jess Glynne & Stefflon Don) (03:01)
11. David Guetta & Steve Aoki – Motto (Feat. Lil Uzi Vert, G-Eazy & Mally Mall) (02:29)
12. David Guetta & Black Coffee – Drive (Feat. Delilah Montagu) (Edit) (03:11)
13. David Guetta – Para Que Te Quedes (Feat. J Balvin) (02:58)
14. David Guetta – Let It Be Me (Feat. Ava Max) (02:52)
15. David Guetta & Sia – Light Headed (02:58)

01. Jack Back – Reach For Me (03:47)
02. David Guetta & CeCe Rogers – Freedom (03:55)
03. Jack Back – Grenade (03:32)
04. Jack Back – Inferno (03:09)
05. Jack Back – Overtone (03:36)
06. Jack Back – Back And Forth (03:25)
07. Jack Back – Pelican (03:26)
08. Jack Back – Afterglow (03:26)
09. Jack Back – Think Think Think (03:41)
10. Jack Back – Orion (03:52)
11. Jack Back – What 2 Say (03:36)
12. David Guetta – Just a Little More Love (Feat. Chris Willis) (Jack Back 2018 Remix) (03:24)


Sep 13

Carl Finlow – Introspective [VIS307]

Artist: Carl Finlow
Title: Introspective
Genre: Electronica
Label: 20/20 Vision
Quality: 320kbps

Carl Finlow – Anomaly (Original Mix) 6:41 /126bpm/ A#min
Carl Finlow – Broken Mirror (Original Mix) 6:50 /120bpm/ Bmin
Carl Finlow – Convergence (Original Mix) 5:36 /120bpm/ Amin
Carl Finlow – Dangerous Devotion (Original Mix) 4:56 /124bpm/ Dmin
Carl Finlow – Definition (Original Mix) 5:39 /128bpm/ Cmin
Carl Finlow – Electrocide (Original Mix) 6:56 /120bpm/ Amaj
Carl Finlow – Electromotive Force (Original Mix) 7:39 /80bpm/ A#maj
Carl Finlow – Entron (Original Mix) 7:03 /128bpm/ Gmin
Carl Finlow – Equilibrium (Original Mix) 4:17 /127bpm/ Dmin
Carl Finlow – Eventuality (Original Mix) 6:58 /128bpm/ Dmin
Carl Finlow – Format Wars (Original Mix) 7:26 /125bpm/ Dmaj
Carl Finlow – Informatics (Original Mix) 6:31 /136bpm/ A#maj
Carl Finlow – Moonax (Original Mix) 7:54 /140bpm/ A#min
Carl Finlow – Mr Machine (Original Mix) 7:12 /130bpm/ Amin
Carl Finlow – Nanotech (Original Mix) 5:48 /120bpm/ A#maj
Carl Finlow – Proteus (Original Mix) 7:16 /171bpm/ Amaj
Carl Finlow – Rendered (Original Mix) 5:29 /120bpm/ Cmaj
Carl Finlow – Spectra (Original Mix) 7:35 /126bpm/ Emin
Carl Finlow – Undercover (Original Mix) 7:38 /128bpm/ Bmin
Carl Finlow – Unintensional (Original Mix) 5:39 /120bpm/ Dmaj
Carl Finlow – We Suspect (Original Mix) 5:12 /126bpm/ Bmin


Sep 12

Andreas Henneberg, The Glitz – Synth Happens[SNOE036]

Artist: Andreas Henneberg, The Glitz
Title: Synth Happens
Genre: Electronica
Label: SNOE
Quality: 320kbps

Andreas Henneberg – All The Good Things (Live Version) 3:53 /121bpm/ Gmaj
Andreas Henneberg – Bass Happens (Live Version) 5:12 /123bpm/ F#maj
Andreas Henneberg – Bed Of Golden Nails (Live Version) 5:16 /115bpm/ Cmaj
Andreas Henneberg – Down To The Power (Live Version) 4:10 /123bpm/ Cmaj
Andreas Henneberg – Garden Of Go (Live Version) 5:43 /123bpm/ Dmin
Andreas Henneberg – Hobart (Live Version) 5:43 /123bpm/ F#min
Andreas Henneberg, Krogmann – Supernova (Live Version) 6:48 /118bpm/ Dmin
Andreas Henneberg – The Crest Factor (Live Version) 4:11 /123bpm/ Bmaj
Andreas Henneberg – The Stoutman (Live Version) 7:30 /122bpm/ F#maj
Andreas Henneberg – Waiting In The Weeds (Live Version) 4:41 /123bpm/ D#min
Micronaut – Driving Home (Andreas Henneberg Remix (Live Version)) 4:41 /123bpm/ Cmin
The Glitz – Friends (Live Version) 5:21 /121bpm/ Emin
The Glitz – Steady Nerves (Live Version) 3:41 /123bpm/ G#maj
The Glitz – White Line (Live Version) 4:42 /123bpm/ Dmaj
The Glitz – Yes Karma Feat. Johann Blanchard (Live Version) 6:32 /104bpm/ Dmin


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