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Electronic music originated in the distant seventies, when the DJs, who played Disco and Funk, used these styles for creation of different “fancy features” to record electronic tracks. Eventually, Electronica became a separate genre of music that won the hearts of the listeners.

It is commonly believed that the founders of this genre are the followers of Post-disco, which was developing rapidly in Chicago, New York and Detroit. House and Techno developed in these cities and later on these genres became the engine of this music style. At first, majority of electronic tracks were created for the dance floor, but at the beginning of the ninetieth producers started to record the tracks for the listeners. This is how such genres appeared: Ambient-House, Experimental-Techno, Techno-House and Electro-Techno. Free structure and record of dance compositions were always typical for the style, which electronic music gave rise to.

To create a minimal track of electronic music you just need a laptop and a pair of speakers, because this is not a concert with many performers and instruments required for a huge concert hall. Electronic music is oriented towards popular styles and traditions of club culture, even though in revised version. But at the same time there is one more direction that we should mention — Academic electronic music. Of course, it is less known, but it is “solid pivot” of electronic music. This notion surprises many people. The fact that electronic music originated not in pop-music is well-known, but it is difficult for understanding by the great masses of listeners. For example, the style IDM as well as the style “noise” electronic music, despite their names, is meant for listening and not for dancing. You don’t need any special education to create the composition for these styles; it’s more useful to have technical skills in this sphere.

Invention of CD and digital methods of sound synthesis and sound transmission contributed greatly to the development of electronic music. This gave rise to concern among live music lovers who are dissatisfied with the lack of contact between the musician and the instrument. However, despite this fact electronic music became popular and separate direction that generated many fascinating and beautiful genres.

Feb 22

Marc Romboy Venez avec moi au monde futur!

Artist: VA
Title: Marc Romboy Venez avec moi au monde futur!
Genre: Techno, Electronica / Downtempo, Tech House, Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Marc Romboy – Monde Futuriste (Original Mix)
Sasha – Channel Deq (Max Cooper Remix)
President Bongo – Ponente (Original Mix)
Skarn – Revolver (Original Mix)
Stephan Bodzin – Luka-Leon (Original Mix)
Andre Hommen – These Eyes (Original Mix)
James Holden, Camilo Tirado – Outdoor Museum of Fractals (Original Mix)
Dawn of Midi – Io (Original Mix)
Patrice Baumel – Departure (Original Mix)
Marc Romboy – Voyage De La Planete (Original Mix)

Feb 21

Ghost Note, BonHaus – Paradise

Artist: Ghost Note, BonHaus
Title: Paradise
Genre: Electronica
Label: Record Union
Quality: 320 kbps

Ghost Note, BonHaus – Paradise (Original Mix)


Feb 21

Eraser – Poem And Noise

Artist: Eraser
Title: Poem And Noise
Genre: Deep House / Electronica
Label: GOS Music Studio
Quality: 320 kbps

Eraser – Black Sea (Original Mix)
Eraser – Buuks (Huly Heine Remix)
Eraser – Buuks (Original Mix)
Eraser – Creepy (Original Mix)
Eraser – Gates (Original Mix)
Eraser – Poem And Noise (Original Mix)
Eraser – Saturn (Original Mix)


Feb 21

Itwo5 – Downpour

Artist: Itwo5
Title: Downpour
Genre: Deep House / Electronica
Label: Blendwerk
Quality: 320 kbps

Itwo5 – Downpour (Kip5 Remix)
Itwo5 – Downpour (Original Mix)
Itwo5 – Reach Out (Itwo5 Retake)
Itwo5 – Reach Out (Original Mix)


Feb 21

Macromism Killin’flover top 10

Artist: VA
Title: Macromism Killin’flover top 10
Genre: Tech House, Techno, Electronica / Downtempo
Quality: 320 kbps

Macromism – Killing Wave (Original Mix)
Macromism – Flover (Original Mix)
Talaboman – The Ghosts Hood feat. John Talabot, Axel Boman (Original Mix)
Jam El Mar – Freak Out (Original Mix)
Riva Starr – The Basement Shit (Original Mix)
Paul Strive, Zenbi – Wanna Tell You (Original Mix)
Nathan Barato – Stomp Change (Original Mix)
Layton Giordani – Where It Begins (Original Mix)
Eric Sneo, Christian Smith – Loaded Dice (Original Mix)
G Flame – Bump (Carlo Lio Remix)

Feb 20

Deltawerk – Passages, EP.2

Artist: Deltawerk
Title: Passages, EP.2
Genre: Electronica
Label: Atomnation
Quality: 320 kbps

Deltawerk – Corridor feat. Applescal & Hessel Stuut (Audiojack Remix)
Deltawerk – Corridor feat. Applescal & Hessel Stuut (Marvin & Guy Mix)
Deltawerk – Corridor feat. Applescal & Hessel Stuut (Original Mix)


Feb 20

&ME Transcendence Tracks

Artist: VA
Title: &ME Transcendence Tracks
Genre: Deep House, Nu Disco / Indie Dance, Techno, Electronica
Quality: 320 kbps

Rampa – The Touch
Stereo MC’s – Changes (Adam Port Remix)
Rampa – 529Hz
Neurotic Drum Band, Sal P – Get Back Into Yourself (Original Mix)
Jepe – Amaebi (Original Mix)
Mr. G – One For The Headz
Auntie Flo – Rainfall on Red Earth
Olaf Stuut – Evolve Tutor
Arnold Jarvis – Take Some Time Out (Ilija Rudman Reconstruction Mix)
Till Von Sein – Forever

Feb 20

Fabio Vee – Feelings

Artist: Fabio Vee
Title: Feelings
Genre: Electronica
Label: Different Twins
Quality: 320 kbps

Fabio Vee – Feelings (Original Mix)


Feb 20

Rhyflect – Amygdala

Artist: Rhyflect
Title: Amygdala
Genre: Electronica
Label: Sandy Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Rhyflect – Amygdala (Original Mix)


Feb 20

Reig (FR) – Jeena

Artist: Reig (FR)
Title: Jeena
Genre: Electronica / Techno
Label: Labo T
Quality: 320 kbps

Reig (FR) – Eurelia (Original Mix)
Reig (FR) – Jeena (Clawz SG Remix)
Reig (FR) – Jeena (Original Mix)
Reig (FR) – Tournesol (Original Mix)


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