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Electronic music originated in the distant seventies, when the DJs, who played Disco and Funk, used these styles for creation of different “fancy features” to record electronic tracks. Eventually, Electronica became a separate genre of music that won the hearts of the listeners.

It is commonly believed that the founders of this genre are the followers of Post-disco, which was developing rapidly in Chicago, New York and Detroit. House and Techno developed in these cities and later on these genres became the engine of this music style. At first, majority of electronic tracks were created for the dance floor, but at the beginning of the ninetieth producers started to record the tracks for the listeners. This is how such genres appeared: Ambient-House, Experimental-Techno, Techno-House and Electro-Techno. Free structure and record of dance compositions were always typical for the style, which electronic music gave rise to.

To create a minimal track of electronic music you just need a laptop and a pair of speakers, because this is not a concert with many performers and instruments required for a huge concert hall. Electronic music is oriented towards popular styles and traditions of club culture, even though in revised version. But at the same time there is one more direction that we should mention — Academic electronic music. Of course, it is less known, but it is “solid pivot” of electronic music. This notion surprises many people. The fact that electronic music originated not in pop-music is well-known, but it is difficult for understanding by the great masses of listeners. For example, the style IDM as well as the style “noise” electronic music, despite their names, is meant for listening and not for dancing. You don’t need any special education to create the composition for these styles; it’s more useful to have technical skills in this sphere.

Invention of CD and digital methods of sound synthesis and sound transmission contributed greatly to the development of electronic music. This gave rise to concern among live music lovers who are dissatisfied with the lack of contact between the musician and the instrument. However, despite this fact electronic music became popular and separate direction that generated many fascinating and beautiful genres.

Jan 23

Clayton Steele – Ganesh [FAWN002]

Artist: Clayton Steele
Title: Ganesh
Genre: Electronic
Label: FAWN Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Clayton Steele – Ganesh (Original Mix)
Clayton Steele – Jupiter Station (Original Mix)
Clayton Steele – Who To Follow (Original Mix)


Jan 22

Third Son – Pieces Of Me (Part 2)

Artist: Third Son
Title: Pieces Of Me (Part 2)
Label: Polymath
Genre: Electronic, Techno
Quality: 320Kbps

Third Son – Generation (Original Mix)
Third Son – Gene (Original Mix)
Third Son – Roath (Original Mix)


Jan 22

D-Formation’s Sibylline Chart

Artist: VA
Title: D-Formation’s Sibylline Chart
Genre: Techno, Deep House, Progressive House, DJ Tools, Electronica / Downtempo
Quality: 320 kbps

Stan Kolev – Sibylline (D-Formation Remix)
Scott James, Paskal Daze – Cruzing (Original Mix)
Yotam Avni – Avka (Original Mix)
Rodriguez Jr. – Mistral (Marc Romboy’s Trip To Jupiter)
Philipp Wolf – Chisel (Tone Depth Remix)
Stan Kolev – Sibylline (D-Formation Intro Mix)
Affkt – Vertigo (Original Mix)
Mind Against – Cloud Nine (Alex.Do Remix)
Futur-E – Rihea (Marc DePulse Remix)
Raxon – Heliopolis (Original Mix)
Township Rebellion – Moses (Original Mix)
Internacional Electrical Rhythms – Momental (Original Mix)
Mind Against – Days Gone (Original Mix)
Sascha Dive – Planet E (Original Mix)

Jan 22

Boss Axis Beautiful Nightmares Charts

Artist: VA
Title: Boss Axis Beautiful Nightmares Charts
Genre: Progressive House, Electronica / Downtempo, Tech House, Techno, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

Qbical – Proxima (Original Mix)
Microtrauma – Filamenta (Original Mix)
Township Rebellion – Moses (Original Mix)
Rauschhaus – Folded Skies (Original Mix)
Rustboy – Infinity Artifact (Original Mix)
Th;en & Starkato – Nightmares (Boss Axis Remix)
Piemont – Walk Out (Original Mix)
Anden – Retrograde (Extended Mix)
Solee, Alyne – Elfen (Original Mix)

Jan 21

Brothers Black – Marianas [VNR032]

Artist: Brothers Black
Title: Marianas
Genre: Electronica/Techno
Label: voxnox Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Brothers Black – Inescapable (Original Mix)
Brothers Black – Marianas (Artefakt Remix)
Brothers Black – Marianas (Original Mix)
Brothers Black – Pulling Teeth (Invite Remix)
Brothers Black – Pulling Teeth (Original Mix)


Jan 21

Drunken Masters, Mothica – On My Own [CCR031]

Artist: Drunken Masters, Mothica
Title: On My Own
Genre: Electronic
Label: Crispy Crust Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Drunken Masters, Mothica – On My Own (Original Mix)


Jan 21

Live In Barcelona – A Las Nou [EMO033]

Artist: Live In Barcelona
Title: A Las Nou
Genre: Electronic / Techno
Label: Electronic Muzik Organization
Quality: 320 kbps

Live In Barcelona – A Las Nou (Original Mix)
Live In Barcelona – Gpbern (Original Mix)
Live In Barcelona – LLiure (Original Mix)


Jan 21

Yør Kultura – Lotus EP [MAGIC08]

Artist: Yør Kultura
Title: Lotus EP
Genre: Electronica, Deep House
Label: The Magic Movement
Quality: 320 kbps

Yor Kultura – Lotus (Original Mix) (7:15)
Yor Kultura – Oak (Original Mix) (7:18)
Yor Kultura – Willow (Original Mix) (8:19)
Yor Kultura – Willow (Mehmet Aslan Remix) (6:16)
Yor Kultura – Palm (Original Mix) (7:05)
Yor Kultura – Willow (Mehmet Aslan Dub Remix) (5:49)


Jan 21

Karmon Picture Chart

Artist: VA
Title: Karmon Picture Chart
Genre: Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo, Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

Karmon – Acido (Original Mix)
Raxon – Borne (Original Mix)
Karmon – Eleventh Hour (Original Mix)
Eddieboi – Black Woman (Toto Chiavetta Instrumental Remix)
Lehar – The Last Track (Original Mix)
Karmon – Endless (Original Mix)
Karmon – Major Minor (Original Mix)
Klement Bonelli – Protocol (Original Mix)
Karmon – Brutus Jam (Original Mix)
Budakid – On An Empty Page (Original Mix)

Jan 21

Julian Stetter – Another [COR059D]

Artist: Julian Stetter
Title: Another
Label: Correspondant
Genre: Techno, Electronica / Downtempo
Quality: 320 kbps

Julian Stetter – BS (Original Mix) 06:33 100bpm A♯maj
Julian Stetter – Bushwick (Original Mix) 06:53 117bpm Amin
Julian Stetter – Chorus (Original Mix) 06:58 113bpm D♯min
Julian Stetter – Chorus (Outro) 04:28 151bpm D♯min
Julian Stetter – Day2 (Original Mix) 05:40 120bpm G♯maj
Julian Stetter – Sin (Original Mix) 05:43 90bpm Fmaj


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