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Alternative to techno, live and deep emotional music, music of feelings… This is popular and sensual style – deep house. Intertwining of ambient house with chill-out and jazz, clear sounding of musical instruments and minimum singing. That is why this music genre had been called for a while β€œsoul house” and β€œgospel house”.

The world heard the first deep house track with a sample of Chuck Roberts β€œCan you feel it” in 1986, which was presented in the album β€œWashing machine”. And that made a splash! Deep switches, melancholy with jazz harmony, typical bass line of a synthesizer since that moment became consistent attributes of the style. House, which was already popular at that time, was freshened with sensitivity and self-expression, depth of the sounding.

This is one of the original styles that should be felt by your soul. Deep house resembles classical Detroit, but it differs from techno in minimal notes sounding, from garage β€” in more jazzy performance. Deep house is a genre of electronic music with the elements of solo of electronic organ, piano or some other keyboard instruments. It embraces several styles: jazz funk, Detroit techno, but it differs in its melody, intensive sounding and minimalism, it helps relax and gives you spiritual delight.

Prominent representatives of the deep house genre: Eric Kupper, Claptone, Larry Heard. Lables that contributed to development of this style: Guidance, Dessous, Plastic City. DJs: Laurent Garnier, Coyu, Booka Shade, Agoria, Tiger Stripes; Erik Niklasson, Masters At Work. It has 120 beats per minute (BPM).

POOLCLVB – Waiting For You

POOLCLVB – Waiting For You Artist: POOLCLVB Title: Waiting For You Genre: Deep House/House Label: etcetc Quality: 320 kbps POOLCLVB – Waiting For You (Flash ’89 Dub) POOLCLVB – Waiting For You (Flash ’89 Remix) POOLCLVB – Waiting…

Ray Okpara – Sashimi Drum EP

Ray Okpara – Sashimi Drum EP Artist: Ray Okpara Title: Sashimi Drum EP Genre: Deep House/Tech House Label: Tenampa Recordings Quality: 320 kbps Ray Okpara – Chordygan (Original Mix) Ray Okpara – Sashimi Drum (Original Mix) Ray…

Javi Bora, IAAM – Where Is the Tape

Javi Bora, IAAM – Where Is the Tape Artist: Javi Bora, IAAM Title: Where Is the Tape Genre: Deep House Label: MFF (Music For Freaks) Quality: 320 kbps Javi Bora, IAAM – Where Is the Tape (Original Mix) Javi Bora, IAAM – Willy Is on…

Seka – First Forest EP

Seka – First Forest EP Artist: Seka Title: First Forest EP Genre: Deep House Label: Alfresco Disco Quality: 320 kbps Seka – First Forest (Original Mix) Seka – Mahalangur (Original Mix) Seka – Proto Fish (Original Mix) Seka –…

Pablo Bolivar – Seconds of Light

Pablo Bolivar – Seconds of Light Artist: Pablo Bolivar Title: Seconds of Light Genre: Electronica/Deep House Label: Seven Villas Quality: 320 kbps Pablo Bolivar – 05 Leaves Without Shadows feat. Upercent (Youandme Ambient Version)…

Daniel Steinberg – Friends EP

Daniel Steinberg – Friends EP Artist: Daniel Steinberg Title: Friends EP Genre: Deep House/Tech House Label: Arms & Legs Quality: 320 kbps Daniel Steinberg – Friends (Original Mix) Daniel Steinberg – Sub Zero (Original Mix)…

Trooko – True Work EP

Trooko – True Work EP Artist: Trooko Title: True Work EP Genre: Deep House/House Label: Reptile Dysfunction Quality: 320 kbps Trooko – Don’t Work (Original Mix) Trooko – True To Myself (Doorly Scratchapella Tool) Trooko – True To…

Dirty Doering – Emma Wong EP

Dirty Doering – Emma Wong EP Artist: Dirty Doering Title: Emma Wong EP Genre: Tech House/Deep House Label: MUKKE Quality: 320 kbps Dirty Doering – Emma Wong (Original Mix) Dirty Doering – Stompie (Original Mix)

Phrased, Ron Obvious – INTLBLK001

Phrased, Ron Obvious – INTLBLK001 Artist: Phrased, Ron Obvious Title: INTLBLK001 Genre: Deep House Label: International Black Quality: 320 kbps Phrased – Pushing (303 Jazz Mix) (Original Mix) Ron Obvious – Man Ray (Original Mix)