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September 29, 2018

Lautaro Xavier – Murder EP [PNK267]

Lautaro Xavier - Murder EP Artist: Lautaro Xavier Title: Murder EP Genre: Techno Label: plunk! Quality: 320 kbps Lautaro Xavier - Murder (Original Mix) Lautaro Xavier - Zankyou (Original Mix) Lautaro Xavier, Ignacio M. - Medusa…

Blondet Laskar – Day & Age [RNC059]

Blondet Laskar - Day & Age Artist: Blondet Laskar Title: Day & Age Genre: House Label: Rhythm & Culture Quality: 320 kbps Blondet Laskar - Day & Age (Browntempo Remix) Blondet Laskar - Day & Age (Original Mix)


LNZT - TOO LATE EP Artist: LNZT Title: TOO LATE EP Genre: Techno Label: Tres 14 Music Quality: 320 kbps LNZT - 84 (Original Mix) LNZT - Hangout (Original Mix) LNZT - Too Late (Original Mix)

Whypper – Fancy Days [IR0043]

Whypper - Fancy Days Artist: Whypper Title: Fancy Days Genre: Techno Label: ICONOS Records Quality: 320 kbps Whypper - Fire Drag (Original Mix) Whypper - Number 9 (Original Mix) Whypper - Open Minds (Original Mix)

ShockyGaruxho – Elleonoire [KRM238]

ShockyGaruxho - Elleonoire Artist: ShockyGaruxho Title: Elleonoire Genre: Techno Label: Kore Music Quality: 320 kbps ShockyGaruxho - Buggaloop (Original Mix) ShockyGaruxho - Discometro (Original Mix) ShockyGaruxho - Elleonoire…

Twins Up – Fuzzy EP [DFM191]

Twins Up - Fuzzy EP Artist: Twins Up Title: Fuzzy EP Genre: Tech House Label: Defined Music Quality: 320 kbps Twins Up - Fuzzy (Original Mix) Twins Up - Hustle (Original Mix) Twins Up - Make It Go (Original Mix)

The Sunshine Police – What Goes Around [SP27]

The Sunshine Police - What Goes Around Artist: The Sunshine Police Title: What Goes Around Genre: House Label: Spin Up Records Quality: 320 kbps The Sunshine Police - Born To Be Free (Original Mix) The Sunshine Police - Down By The…