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July 9, 2018

Loic Lozano, C Buss – Narrow [TRS030]

Loic Lozano, C Buss - Narrow Artist: Loic Lozano, C Buss Title: Narrow Genre: Techno Label: Tears Quality: 320 kbps Loic Lozano, C Buss - Narrow (Original Mix) Loic Lozano, C Buss - Straight (Original Mix)

Losub – Slow Jam [KM181]

Losub - Slow Jam Artist: Losub Title: Slow Jam Genre: Techno Label: Kootz Music Quality: 320 kbps Losub - Slow Jam (Hassio (COL) Remix) Losub - Slow Jam (Original Mix) Losub - Slow Jam (RiLo Remix) Losub - Static (Original…

Manraw – Lamp / Old G [MNV015]

Manraw - Lamp / Old G Artist: Manraw Title: Lamp / Old G Genre: Deep House / Techno Label: Mind&Vision Quality: 320 kbps Manraw - Lamp (Original Mix) Manraw - Old G (Original Mix)

Marco Bedini – Revellum [PS102]

Marco Bedini - Revellum Artist: Marco Bedini Title: Revellum Genre: Progressive House Label: Psykometrik Quality: 320 kbps Marco Bedini - Revellum (Original Mix) Marco Bedini - Scoulpour (Original Mix)

Mediahora – Duel [YAWW031]

Mediahora - Duel Artist: Mediahora Title: Duel Genre: Tech House Label: Yaww Recordings Quality: 320 kbps Mediahora - Balera (Original Mix) Mediahora - Duel (Ahmet Mecnun Remix) Mediahora - Duel (Original Mix) Mediahora, Danny…

Mirko Dee – Elini [DGR0023]

Mirko Dee - Elini Artist: Mirko Dee Title: Elini Genre: House / Tech House Label: De-generation Records Quality: 320 kbps Mirko Dee - Vibrations (MikroBeats Remix) Mirko Dee - Vibrations (Original Mix) Mirko Dee - Vibrations…

Oner Zeynel – Between The Ocean [AMP36]

Oner Zeynel - Between The Ocean Artist: Oner Zeynel Title: Between The Ocean Genre: Tech House Label: Always Moving People Quality: 320 kbps Oner Zeynel - Between The Ocean (Original Mix) Oner Zeynel - Touched (Original Mix)

Pablo Bravo – Say [PLB0035]

Pablo Bravo - Say Artist: Pablo Bravo Title: Say Genre: Tech House Label: Patagonia Label Quality: 320 kbps Pablo Bravo - Chance (Original Mix) Pablo Bravo - Say It (Original Mix)