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June 11, 2018


TKTM - A CITY IN THE SEA Artist: TKTM Title: A CITY IN THE SEA Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco / House / Techno Label: Talktomemusic Quality: 320 kbps TKTM - A Shout Into The Wind (Original Mix) TKTM - Never See You Again (Original…

Cruxz – Colora [BQ281]

Cruxz - Colora Artist: Cruxz Title: Colora Genre: Progressive House Label: BQ Recordings Quality: 320 kbps Cruxz - Colora (Original Mix) Cruxz - Wayback (Original Mix)

Fer Dina – EYOING [MM114]

Fer Dina - EYOING Artist: Fer Dina Title: EYOING Genre: Tech House Label: Moog Modular Quality: 320 kbps Fer Dina - Essence (Original Mix) Fer Dina - Preserve (Original Mix) Fer Dina - With Me (Original Mix)

Lefrenk – Stigma [10135838]

Lefrenk - Stigma Artist: Lefrenk Title: Stigma Genre: Techno Label: Deep Different Quality: 320 kbps Lefrenk - Next (Original Mix) Lefrenk - Organism (Original Mix) Lefrenk - Oumuamua (Original Mix) Lefrenk - Puzzle (Original Mix)…

Gregore Konstantine – Stop Me EP [PR2018413]

Gregore Konstantine - Stop Me EP Artist: Gregore Konstantine Title: Stop Me EP Genre: Tech House Label: Piston Recordings Quality: 320 kbps Gregore Konstantine - Give Me One (Original Mix) Gregore Konstantine - Stop Me (Original…

DP-6 – Revenge [DR155]

DP-6 - Revenge Artist: DP-6 Title: Revenge Genre: Techno Label: DP-6 Records Quality: 320 kbps DP-6 - Cascade Effect (Original Mix) DP-6 - Paranoid Delusions (Original Mix) DP-6 - Revenge (Original Mix) DP-6 - Vertical Impact…