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May 15, 2018

Steve Hammer – SUFFUSED [SJ017]

Steve Hammer - SUFFUSED Artist: Steve Hammer Title: SUFFUSED Genre: Deep House Label: Swing & Jam Records Quality: 320 kbps Steve Hammer - Crispy Water (Original Mix) Steve Hammer - Retro Stab (Original Mix)

Recondite – Rainmaker EP [AL015]

Recondite - Rainmaker EP Artist: Recondite Title: Rainmaker EP Genre: Techno Label: Afterlife Records Quality: 320 kbps Recondite - Arcane (Original Mix) Recondite - Rainmaker (Original Mix) Recondite - Rufus (Original Mix)…

Monocat – On Pure [TEM056]

Monocat - On Pure Artist: Monocat Title: On Pure Genre: Deep House / Tech House Label: The Earth Music Quality: 320 kbps Monocat - Molly-Doll (Original Mix) Monocat - On Pure (Original Mix)

Dub & More – Ogum Reminiscence [SNK063]

Dub & More - Ogum Reminiscence Artist: Dub & More Title: Ogum Reminiscence Genre: Deep House Label: Sunclock Quality: 320 kbps Dub & More - Ogum Reminiscence (Dub Mix) Dub & More - Ogum Reminiscence (Original Mix)

Afxs – Don’t Stop [LAM147]

Afxs - Don't Stop Artist: Afxs Title: Don't Stop Genre: Tech House Label: Lemon-aid Music Quality: 320 kbps Afxs - Don't Stop (Mirco Caruso Remix) Afxs - Don't Stop (Original Mix) Afxs - Don't Stop (Philip Z Remix) Afxs - Get Some…

Matt Tolfrey – Americas [HOTC114]

Matt Tolfrey - Americas Artist: Matt Tolfrey Title: Americas Genre: House / Tech House Label: Hot Creations Quality: 320 kbps Matt Tolfrey - Americas (Original Mix) Matt Tolfrey - Regain The Past (Original Mix)

Plastik Corpse – The Aether [HM005]

Plastik Corpse - The Aether Artist: Plastik Corpse Title: The Aether Genre: House / Techno Label: Haze Musik Quality: 320 kbps Plastik Corpse - The Aether (Original Mix) Plastik Corpse - The Reasons Differ (Original Mix) Plastik…