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January 12, 2018

Dema – Electric Melon [BSR016]

Dema - Electric Melon Artist: Dema Title: Electric Melon Genre: Techno Label: Be Synth Records Quality: 320 kbps Dema - Electric Melon (Dennis Apec Remix) Dema - Electric Melon (DJ Micky Da Funk, Costantino Nappi Remix) Dema -…

Blue Cell – Odyssee [BALKAN0474]

Blue Cell - Odyssee Artist: Blue Cell Title: Odyssee Genre: Progressive House Label: Balkan Connection Quality: 320 kbps Blue Cell - Aqualot (Original Mix) Blue Cell - Odyssee (Original Mix) Blue Cell - Odyssee (Pilato, Yousif…

Chambre Rouge – Havane [10130848]

Chambre Rouge - Havane Artist: Chambre Rouge Title: Havane Genre: Techno Label: Audio Marker Quality: 320 kbps Chambre Rouge - Caporal (Original Mix) Chambre Rouge - Chose (Original Mix) Chambre Rouge - Havane (Original Mix)

DJ Face Off – Like Of Us [MGL065]

DJ Face Off - Like Of Us Artist: DJ Face Off Title: Like Of Us Genre: Deep House / House Label: Musica Gourmet Quality: 320 kbps DJ Face Off - Crying (Original Mix) DJ Face Off - Like Of Us (Original Mix) DJ Face Off - Sabah…

Drunky Daniels – Gasoline [DRUMKIT013]

Drunky Daniels - Gasoline Artist: Drunky Daniels Title: Gasoline Genre: Tech House Label: Drumkit Records Quality: 320 kbps Drunky Daniels - Gasoline (Original Mix) Drunky Daniels - Phone Call (Original Mix)

Francesco Romano – Raaa [FTRY024]

Francesco Romano - Raaa Artist: Francesco Romano Title: Raaa Genre: Tech House / Techno Label: Finish Team Records Young Quality: 320 kbps Francesco Romano - Raaa (Original Mix) Francesco Romano - Wassap (Original Mix)